I need some help, i'm from Venezuela



Hey guys, my name is Camilo Mujica, i'm from Venezuela. My home language is spanish so sorry if my english itsn't good enough. I love airbrushing, i think i do it since i was 15 and i'ts what i love most. But it's not easy here, my country economic and political situation it is very difficult, one dollar costs 80 Bolivares Fuertes (our currency) or more in the black market, and everything here is sold in that exchange since i'ts almost impossible to buy dollars by legal means.. it's not cheap to have airbrushing as your passion here.

I have owned an old paasche H since i started, but as you will guess, it has its limitations... it´s impossible to find aibrushes here, they only sell paasche H and paasche VL, and are really expensive...(http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ve...-accion-simple-mod-h-set-original-paasche-_JM) 7520 BsF and our minimum wage is 4251 BsF (http://www.eluniversal.com/opinion/140508/salario-minimo-2014).

I would like to ask you for some monetary help to get a better airbrush, one i can do fine lines with, i want to buy a good airbrush at amazon.com, if you want to help me i would appreciate it! Here is my e-mail: camilo.mujica@gmail.com

Thank you!

P.S: Here is my first mural :) (it's in my mom's office) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?...d9e8aa3e9749927c1413&oe=547283EE&size=720,464
Hi camilo welcome to the forum, i wouldnt have a lot of info regarding the differnt brushes but i just bought a new one online, i got it from lion-art.dl you could try them
See this is a mutually beneficial relationship as far as I see....... As my passion is the old white marching powder.....its so expensive in my country (u.k) costing almost $100 per gram but I bet with the amount a custom micron would cost me I could probably by a ton in venezuela......lets get your people to meet my people and make this happen