I need you to help with my shopping list



well I live in Israel and I can't buy anything here. I will buy from coast airbrush the things that I need.
So why do I need a help?
Since I'm newbie, there is the slight possibility that I won't consider something that it's essential. I would hate to order, wait a few weeks, pay a large amount of shipment and then discover that if I want to erase something I need electrical eraser and it wasn't on my list cause I didn’t know that it’s a tool that can help….
so here it is
A)3 basic opaque wicked colors (red blue yellow) + wicked white and wicked black
B)3 basic opaque createx
I assume that with those basic colors I will be able to build a lot of colors.
I don't waste weight (It only about the weight not about the price of the item since they charge around 10 dollar for 1 pound or so to ship it to Israel - 5 pound shipment = 70 dollar shipment!) about transparent since I can build them myself from opaque with a homemade reducer which I love. The second reason is that I want to see with my own eyes the difference between create and wicked.
C) Electrical eraser
D) Needle cup (was damaged) and needle (just in case)
E) set of cleaner brushes
Is there something else that I neglected?
My aim is to study and acquire skills. I have Iwata eclipse BCS with .3 and .5 needles
I pm'd you this list, but I'll post it as well in case someone else is in the same boat as you. These were all listed as international Createx dealers in Israel. Not sure if they carry the wicked line, but most of them are "custom painters" as well so they may very well have some. I know the one in Tel Aviv is actually an american and he even teaches airbrush classes as well so he may be very useful to you if he doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

Arta Art Graphic & Office
Supplies Ltd.
2 Lazarov St.
Rishon, Le-Zion
972 3 9421111

Brison Marketing Ltd.

14 Hamelacha St.
Tel : 972-97-602880

Colors Airbrush - Store #404
Dizengoff Center Mall
50 Dizengoff
Tel-Aviv 64332

Yehuda Hanasi 40/10
51491 Bney-Brak
Tel : 972-54-4821242
Jeez, I just looked up the conversion rate on the paint there and that is one heck of a markup. I converted the shekel to US dollar and it's about $7 markup. Here a 2oz bottle of createx is $3 whereas there the same thing is $10. Just to get the primary set is about $56 whereas here it would only be around $23. So if you do the math, it may be more cost efficient in the long run to order from here in bulk to offset the price. In my opinion before going all out while you are still learning. Just get the basics you need until you have mastered that and go from there. Start out with black and white only as all the foundations are there for you and once you master that all you have to do is introduce color theory then. It really just depends on what you can afford and your drive to succeed as an artist.
I don't know if someone here may live closer to you and could ship it to you cheaper? I looked into it and it would cost me $86 just to ship 2lbs worth to you which isn't very much product as those bottles weigh down fast lol.
Without even checking the prices here. i knew this from the start. Israel is more expensive than Paris or France. The min salary per hour here is about 7 dollar and in France is 12 dollar but when you go to the supermarket there you pay about half... I can't fight it. Till I will move I just try to be creative and buy things from ebay. It's really wiser to buy it from the US. I can try and call the store here and ask him why is it so expensive. It would make a chaos but it would be much nicer if people didn't use money at all and would trade staff. I give you the tomatoes that I grow and in exchange you will bring me your lemons cause I can't eat them without lemon. well not in my lifetime ;)
that's true I didn't catch that part I'm not awake yet lol. I don't ever use cleaning brushes, it has the potential to scrape off the coating on the airbrush or mar something. If you clean them soon as you done you shouldn't have any issues. I always break mine down after I'm done and use a q-tip to clean it all out and if there is some buildup I'll use an old needle to clean it.
Sometimes I have back spray so there r paint inside the airbrush. Taking that thing that u clean the ears with with an alcohol and water 1:1. Solve it and clean it well. Since alcohol is not so good I sometime put it under a running tap water to scar the alcohol away. Well I like my funny English. ;)
hahahaha oh man that one got me lol. You're a funny guy. Yeah that thing you put in your ears (still have tears in my eyes lol) is a q-tip which i just mentioned in my last post.
Q tip? That's a funny name. Here it's ear pick or ear chip. I wonder What's the q for
it stands for "quality" its just a brand name. Q tips were originally called baby gays back in the 20's which whew yeah that wouldn't go over to well in today's narrow minded society.
Baby gays???!!??? Wow this is funny ;) and also have something with reality since it comes with the genes ;)
They are also called cotton swabs.
Everyone calles them Q-tips around here. Just like the phrase 'Kleenex' is a brand name for tissues....lol
Yup we southerners have lazy references lol. I ask for a coke when I want a drink, but doesn't mean I want coca-cola. Some ask for soda, pop, or as my mom says "sody watah"