I spread you love here in Germany



Hi Forum and especially dear TUTOR!!!

I am so glad to have found this forum an you vids, because i had this dream nearly 10 years to start with AIRBRUSHing.
Finally i have found my startup equipment. It was very difficult to chose the right products.

So i got the Airbrush from my near by producer Harder & Steenbeck. The Model is the INFINITY Solo.
And the compressor is a HANSA AERO-PRO HTC 20A form the same manufacture of the Infinity Solo.

Know i am at the basic tutorial to get the Dots, Lines, Blends, Dagger Stroke and Loop correct!

Thanks especially to you Airbrush-Tutor/Teacher (sorry, don't know you name) for the very good explained and entertained videos of yours!!!
Hope you will continue with lots of more videos of yours.
I definitely can tell to you, that i will spread lots of your love here in Germany / Berlin.
Please be kind for my not perfect English. I will practice like i do with my airbrushing.

So hopefully i wish to be very welcome here in this forum and find lots of friends.
Welcome to the forum from the states! If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. Just put it out there under a topic thats close to your problem and someone will answer!

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Welcome, im sure you will learn a lott, and this forum is like a big family with one of the best tutor you can find
Hallo aus Braunschweig nach Berlin!
Willkommen bei den verrückten!
Liebe Grüße auch zurück nach Braunschweig!
And big thanks for all you wonderful replies..... love ya all !!!!