I spy with my A4 sized eye


Max Chickens


Finally!!! Pretty proud of my second attempt, on the right part of the iris I tried the hand stencil method...on the left I tried the dagger stroke. I found both to be awkward. Ill have to practice that.

Any tips on the whole thing would be appreciated

I've just realized I've given her a bit of a black eye. Haha
Looks good m8, only thing I would suggest is that its an idea to spray your shadows a little lighter than 100% intensity, then use a little stippling/texture strokes to then build it up to add to the effect..It is a challenge to get used to hand shielding but once you do you'll def appreciate it..Well done.
yeah i know what what you mean....its soooo easy to go nuts with too dark a shadow.....im finding it pretty hard to get uniform light coverage.....ill fill in the colour, but end up having a little darker patch....so ill have to colour in the whole area again to match my little dark patch and in doing so will create another dark spot and before i know it BAMMM she has a black eye and looks like hasn't slept in weeks.

That's just trigger control, and that comes with practice. A good effort I think, and better than my first airbrushing for sure!
ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353644779.448312.jpgThis is my next try!! (In order of doingness...top to bottom) bout to watch the vid again then move onto the advanced eye!!!
Keep going mate, you are improving with each one, we have all been there. Try using another colour other than black or just add a drop of black to some white and make a grey. You could also try reducing your paint even more which may help to stop you going to dark to quick? You will get there my friend, practice practice :)
Yeah I might try doing a green eye!! It makes such a difference posting my Picts on here, all the great comments are awesome motivation.
Having a go at the shapes in the eyes....get getting tip dry then having the airbrush "sneeze" a but load of white on the paper .ggggrrrrrrr