I think I've broken my Eclipse



Hey guys, due to life and health I hadn't used my Iwata Eclipse for about 6-7 months. I used it a week or so ago and it worked fine, but I managed to spill paint down inside where the trigger is.

I decided to break it down to clean it. I carefully removed that little grub screw inside and used some restorer on a cotton bud to clean everything inside the airbrush. Also making sure to avoid that small teflon part inside that grub screw.
When I put it back I nipped it up with forefinger and thumb, but the needle would not pass through it and took some force.

Figuring I'd knackered both I replaced both parts but the same thing is happening. Its difficult to get the needle through it when outside the airbrush, and seriously difficult when its in. I've probably damaged both again but I don't know what's wrong.

Could someone help please? :/
Sounds like you've done it up too tight. Slack it off till the needle passes through then slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) till it begins to snug up on the needle. There is a good youtube video for brush cleaning about 20 minutes long that covers that.
Yes, if you mean the needle packing screw, then you only need to do it uo tight enough for the needle to pass through, but still feel a slight resistance :)
I bought that kit (that shouldn't surprise anyone !! ) and I've used the pliers on a few things that got gunked up and didn't want to undo with the fingers...... I've never used them to do anything up though, and wont . . . at least I know that I have all the tools to break a brush down if I need to :)
Remove the packing nut and seal and see if needle goes through if it is not in the gun. Also, with the screw and seal back in lightly and head removed, push the needle in and just wiggle it around until it is a bit looser. Give the screw a fraction of turn and try again. It also help if you lube the needle.
Thanks guys. Just to be on the safe side I've ordered new parts for it. Nozzle, needle and that packing screw.

The needle seemed to struggle when I tried pushing it through the screw out of the airbrush. I moved it up and down a few times and actually felt the needle heat up from the friction. I'll see what the new parts are like and probably report back before I mess that lot up too.