i try to do the eye



I don't know i spray some white after the black and black again and then white again maybe it was wrong to do, it looks so so on distance but what the heck give me critic and tell me my what i do wrong so i can spend my holiday to think and learn to different it will not be so much with the airbrush but i can still watch pro on you tube and all tutorials here lol
2013-07-17 22.31.41.jpg
You need to leave this for a while, the Image shows you know what you want to do since the main shape is there, but your problem is control of your airbrush, you need to practice you dots, lines and daggers as well as understand where to use them.

Aside from this, it really isn't that bad, I say there is nothing at all wrong with your view, it's all there, just a little untidy, like I said spend about a week to two weeks practicing the basics, you will also get to know how your airbrush performs in certain situations, and then do this eye again and you'll see a great difference .

Be sure to post it when you do.

And don't spend your holiday thinking about it, enjoy your holiday instead, and then get back to this with a fresh outlook.
thanks ok i do and i do it with a new airbrush to then so i think i need to learn that to so i think its a good idea to go back to beginning with dots and most of all learn the dagger they make me very frustrated and yes i will post the next try
You got some good blends going on there, so after you practice those darn dots and daggers some more, try the eye again, I bet you'll get it nailed. The exercises can be boring, but you'll never regret doing them, because once you got them, there won't be anything you can't paint
thanks for the input Squishy i think that i should be pleased with the result because the air brush i use is a cheep one i got in the kit with the compressor and i have try to find out what it is and the only it say is hs -32 and it seems it cost 5 pound or so so its a toy, any how i will go back to scratch and make these dam dots until they are perfect and daggers look like dagger sharp like a racer any how toddle lo and spread the love i go out in the sun now :angel: