I wanna paint cars...



So I've been airbrushing in my little laundry room with a sink and window for ventilation and it's a nice set up for small stuff. I usually just use spray cans outside for bases and such. I've really got an itch though to do bigger pieces and eventually paint my Jeep... actually I'm looking to buy an old cheap car at the moment that's fun to drive and paint that someday too but eventually I wanna paint and airbrush my jeep...

I was curious about painting out of your garage and safety and stuff... equipment, recommendations, tips... I don't expect to do this overnight but I'd like to build to that eventually. Even being able to just use a spray gun rather than spray cans on smaller project base coats would be great. My buddy has fenders and stuff he'd let me paint to practice on and I know another mechanic who has lots of car pieces he can gets his hands on he'd let me paint for him to practice xD

Just as a hobby, no interest in doing this professionally but... the more I airbrush the more I wanna move in this direction. I think seeing something you painted on a car under a nice clear that looked sick would be a most satisfying feeling ^_^
I paint out of my garage. Small stuff mostly but I clear coat too. What you need to concern yourself with is ventilation and dust control. I try to paint outside when I can but if the weather is bad or it's windy I can't. And it seems the second I lay down the perfect glass clear a bug will sacrifice its life to botch it up. I figure if any project ever finishes perfect I will surely be stuck by lightning.