I was wondering if ayone was going to get a Paasche Vision?

looks like a redesigned talon. The "new" trigger it is sporting, is just a tallboy trigger which is mod I already have on my custom version. The .2mm needle conversion I already have, and they added a mac valve to it. It is pretty though lol!
I'm not a big fan of paasche, only cause they always felt to bulky for me so it kinda turned me in other directions..It looks OK but prefer non screw in type nozzles, hopefully its not just a pretty airbrush as I must admit it looks kinda cool with the extra engraving if thats what it is..I do think there is already some really good brands that essentially are about the same price or cheaper so it is worth seeing if someone does grab one how it compares to those cheaper options..
^yeah I was never a fan of paashe either till I was sent a mojo then changed my mind, but only for the custom version, I would never buy a "stock" model. This one though I would if I ever felt the need to buy yet another airbrush, but between this and an H&S i'd have to lean towards the latter. It is nice to see other brands starting to up their game though to compete with the larger brands such as Iwata.
Looks like a Talon with a MAC valve. In other words, nothing really "new" at all. I actually like the old Paasche's (those that are 20+ years old) when there quality was actually good. The new stuff, not a big fan.

To be fair, though, Iwatas "new" Micron V.2 is a pretty huge disappointment as well. Ooooooh, a square trigger, I MUST have one!!!!! (dripping with sarcasm, in case anyone missed it).

Maybe I'm just getting jaded and cranky, but when a company comes out with a "new" airbrush, it seems to me that there should be some sort of significant advance in it somewhere. Otherwise, it's just a new feature/gimmick.
I just got a vision about a month ago. I am no expert but that thing is badass. pulls fine lines great. I really like it over some of my other brushes. I would recommend it. I got mine on ebay new in box. for $ 110 worth every penny
Don't think I will be bothering, I have the stock talon which I really like but unless they have done some major changes then there's no point. Just looks like there's a mac valve and they've painted it black.
I've talked to a few insider people and the guts are basically the same. Has a new air cap design and a mac valve. Whoopdeedoo lol. I don't get mac valves, know your air pressure and keep your reg near you. Honestly how often do you have to keep changing your pressure if you know what you doing?

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Bought it, hate it. Wont even spray water. Calling Chicago airbrush tomorrow, see about return, or exchange