I will be testing some Fabriano paper

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Airbrushing is just a hobby for me so I wont be buying the schoellers hammer board or any other board for that matter so I am looking for a replacement .
A few years back I tested some fabriano paper and it worked for me but like the Schoellershammer paper it is no longer sold in my local art shop and they told me it was no longer on the market so I looked for it on the internet and I found out it was still sold by art shops in the Netherlands that also had a webshop but there was a little catch : there was/is no record if the paper was in stock in the stores so I had to order it online .
Now I know why my local art store told me it was no longer on the market well the Dutch market that is : the paper has to come from Germany and it will take a few days for it arrives
I dont have a good subject to airbrush right now but I did the first basic tests to this paper : I used 120 grid sand paper on it and even if I can feel that the sandpaper left some little marks on the paper as I expected as I pushed real hard on that sandpaper but it didnt tear the paper.
The next test was sticking some tape on the paper : the tape came off without damaging the paper .
Overall first impression : the paper has the same feel as the Schoellershammer 4G the big question right now is will it allow me to erase my paint like the Schoellershammer does
I am sure I have some of that paper here somewhere! I think I did a painting on it but cant remember what it was if I did! Looking forward to seeing how You get on with it Ron :)
I did a quick test with etac efx paint and this paper allows erasing with soft erasers , hard erasers and even the fiberglass eraser but there is a little catch : if I lay down a heavy coat or to many light coats I need to give it more time to dry as the paper will get a little wet as well and if I dont give it the time to dry I will damage the paper even with a soft eraser
So is this paper as good as the old Schoellershammer ? : No it isnt
Is this paper a good alternative for the old Schoellershammer ? : Maybe it is but I will only be able to tell if I start doing a portret on it
For now I can tell you that this paper is cheap even with shipping it is less than 2 Euro a sheet ( 50x70 cm
the result of my quick test : IMG_0430.JPG
I had the feeling I should seal this paper with a clear coat of varnish before using it but I decided against it to do a proper test
I taped the ref photo to the paper to make the trace and let the tape on for 24 hours , this evening I made the trace and I removed the ref photo and while the first piece of tape came off without a problem the second piece of tape took off the top layer of this paper so to me that is a big fail for this paper but I am not giving up yet and I will airbrush the portrait on it to see what happens to this paper and if I can still use any eraser techniques
Thats a shame the tape took the top layer off, I cant remember taping anything down, other than taping it to the board, when I used it. I dont think it took any of the paper away when I took my tape off the edges. I am pretty sure it erased well so hopefully You will have a similar result :)
I've never had any problems with that paper.
My first pieces were all directly on this surface.
Frisk is no problem as long as you don't cut too deep into the paper and remove it carefully.
3M gold tape or the purple version should not be a problem either.
Some gentle erasing and scratching is also possible.
But it remains paper.
I started airbrushing on schoellershammer paper back in 2008 so I know what that paper is like and what I can do on it , I cant remember when my local art store gave me 2 sheets of paper to see if it could replace the Schoellershammer paper and I can only remember that one sheet was Farbriano paper and it more or less worked for me and that was the reason I now ordered Fabriano paper to replace the Schoellershamer paper
Now I am testing this paper with Etac efx paint
I am now working on a portrait and this paper does take getting used to if you have always worked on Schoellershammer 4G , the paint acts different and erasing is not as easy as on the Schoellershammer but it can be done
What do I mean with the etac efx paint acting different to what I am used : it dries faster which is a plus in some ways but it also takes a bit more layers to reach max saturation with transparent colors , not a problem but it takes getting used to
Now do I like this paper as much as I do the Schoellershammer ? the short answer is : No I dont , but I have to get used to it as it is the only paper I know off that I can buy for normal prices