Ian's Digital Journey


Detail Decepticon!
I had some Amazon vouchers for My birthday so decided to treat Myself to a drawing tablet :) Decided to go for the Huion Kamvas 13 as it was A. a good price and B. could also be connected to use with My Samsung Note Ultra.
The Kamvas is basically a monitor that needs to be connected to a PC to use (or as said can be connected to a phone)

I have never really tried too much digital art so this is going to be a new learning curve (any hints or tips welcome) :)
Using Photoshop for this first piece, but I also have a host of other programs to have a bash with, Krita looks to be a great program to try in the future and its open source :)

Started off doing a rough sketch before I start to try and get My head around using layers :)

are you doing this in digital or are you painting this?

did you free hand that pencil outline or work from a background? just asking for my own knowledge
This is a digital piece and I did freehand the outline working to a grid. I printed out the image of Spaulding on A4 then marked off lines an inch apart, then set up a new A3 layer in photoshop and set up a grid as near to 2 inches apart as looked ok then freehanded the sketch. The grid is only a guide and wont be included in the piece at all.

Hope thats as clear as mud :)

In photoshop I set up the grid for My A3 canvas as grid line every 36mm, sub division 2, that looked about right to My marked out sheet. If Pictures might be clearer just let Me know :)
A4 printout with 1 inch squares with the middle roughly marked sort of giving half inch squares
A3 document, The solid green lines are the 36mm marks and the dotted green lines are the subdivisions, so basically doubling the size from the A4 print
Thanks Husky, I did download a fair few for Krita but not loads for Photoshop. I will certainly grab a few off of the Brusheezy site tho, thanks :)
totally understand Kingpin.. Im not a very good free hander so thats why I was asking.. looking pretty good my man.