Idea to draw the dagger strokes



Hello guys I was just practicing with the dagger strokes when I thought of doing this. :cool:
I wondered, as the dagger strokes are very evident in the eyes, why not draw an eye in the center of the page and then divide it into four sections?
Each of us has difficulty in drawing the dagger strokes in some ways. By doing this we can better understand how to have problems and so we can improve.
I drew an eye to the center of the page (smaller), then I repeated it twice more on the outside so that we can training from the thinner dagger strokes (center) to the thicker (exterior).
What do you think? I hope I can help you too. I am attaching a file below where we can practice, well, is not perfect in all four sections, but I think it is useful as an exercise. :eek:
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PS: sorry for my bad English and for my bad dagger strokes. :eek:
PS2: Mitch, I don't want to look presumptuous but this seemed like a good idea to practice. I just wanna spread the love. :eek:


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yeah man....ill have a go....ive noticed that i can do dagger strokes fine in some bottom right to top left, (im left handed)...but otherways (top right to bottom left) i find pretty difficult....

does anyone else find that is easier to do strokes in one direction then another? just the natural movement of the arm i guess....sometimes i actually find it easier to hold the airbrush with the other hand......but im not sure if thats something i should stop doing as it is probably stopping me progressing in skill?
Come on Hilary that's incredible! i wish i thought of this idea myself..
A big thank you for putting in your time and effort - this will help many people out! i'm going to put the link on facebook and twitter - i'm sure it could help a few people out :)

One quick tip for you though when doing your dagger strokes - just as we do with lines, make sure you are moving the airbrush before you start painting - if your dagger stroke is only 5cm long, then make your whole action 15 cm.. start moving 5 cm before, pull back for paint for 5 cm, continue moving 5 cm after.. and remember to move closer to the paper :) good to see you practising so much
Well, I noticed that I am better at drawing them on the right side.
On the left side I have many difficulties.
Only with much practice, as Mitch says, you can improve. :)
He's right!
I have found that I have that same issue. I think this practice will help
A very simple but very clever idea for practising, like it.
God i really am going to have to get my sh*t sorted so i can start painting again :(

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What a great idea thank you , and Hilary , im also bad in English but it will improve just like my airbrush skill's thanks to this forum.
Great ... very good idea.
I exercise more now than when I went to school. Therefore no English and I need a translator ... hehehe!:eek:
I am utterly pants in one direction to the other ,so i think this is a great addition and will give it a go soon . Thanx for sharing with us all.
Thanks guys, I'm very glad to have shared this with you.
I thought it would help many people like me who have this difficulty.
Let's spread the love. :D
Great idea fiddleman!
I actually made myself a little 'cut and blend' practice sheet that is very similar, I'll post it up in ather thread.

Good work!
maybe a similiar style sheet for people to practice blends too? it could look like a target shape and the very centre is white which bends out to the first ring....the the outside of the first ring is white which blends out and gets darker till it gets to the second ring....and so on....maybe getting darker and darker as you go?

just an idea.
start training this,but..
for me is that better, because i see in which direction i have trouble to do the eyelashes
btw thanks fiddleman for this :)


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start training this,but..
for me is that better, because i see in which direction i have trouble to do the eyelashes
btw thanks fiddleman for this :)

Yeah that's a nice idea.
Each one can personalize the exercise as he sees fit. :)