Idiots Guide to waiting - any advice please?



Ok, so.

I have my idea for the competition, I have Medea Textile paint and I have an old cotton window blind that I was going to throw away and realised that it would do for painting on.

Now I have seen guys painting t shirts and they change colours, do thick coats all with out runs and it seems to dry on touch.
Me, well I can see some spots where the paint is still wet (that's me doing to thick a coat?) but my question is.

I appreciate that there are loads of different surfaces but how long do you guys wait between coats of paint please?
I see Mitch in the Vids painting away like it doesn't matter but Mitch is a million miles ahead of me. What he does in a couple of minutes is taking me hours.

Anyone with tips, advice and words of wisdom please?
I've seen guys in videos using an Iron and pressing the paint dry, if you did this I would suggest grease proof paper over it first, or you can use a hair-dryer, if these guys are putting on thick coats they're probably not thinning or not thinning as much, drying time depends on the paint so there is no direct answer.

If it doesn't work for you with thicker coats, use more thinner coats, it's your own rules and everybody is different, there are lots that they leave out of the vids because it would make the vids longer and boring.

Don't forget your still at the practising stage, just keep doing that, and you will start to see how it all works, you will even make discoveries which you can use to good effect.

I'm now starting to get used to not going too dark too quick and that's still not perfect, but I do know what I need to change, don't try to do every technique all at the same time, this will fry your brain, practise each different technique until you are satisfied that you can do it, then try the next, in no time you can put all of these together and totally amaze yourself, also if you find that you do better in one technique than another, try doing stuff that involves more of that technique, your own green galls project has actually shown you that.

Practise is like medicine, it tastes like it ***t but it definitely helps.
you could maybe try a reducer, I don't work on fabric, but it really helps the drying time on metal and board.