Illustration black appears brown



I ve been painting on a black canvas and I will lay down my white and get the image up to par.
Then I will start spraying black with reducer added and it come out as a really ugly brown.
Has anyone had this problem and is there a fix.
Maybe... see what happens if you don't reduce it as mush. It should get darker as you build it up...
It's not a problem;)
There are, actually, two types of blacks and whites. Each one leans towards either warm or cool side. Blacks - towards blue and brown, whites towards blue and yellow. This features are seen more in blacks than among whites, though.
Sometimes people can not figure out, why they have greenish flames or something. It's because of colour blends on the surface. When you paint the flames in white on the cool black base, it's not strange you've got green flames when covered with yellow candy. Or even the licks are greenish when painted with warm white.
It's just knowledge of colours and pigments;)
It's better to know this and to use the features for our own good:)
So is it like the blue shift you see when you spray white over black...?
Or you can use the really old school trick of adding Violet to your black to rich and deeping the black . MFG black will almost cause any black to have a brown look to it.
It happens to me one time ,painting a nonochrome portrait over black , in my paraticular case , the more I add , the more noticiable was the brown .
The main problem for me was go over a stright white area , if you use it over sof layers of white to add shadow over an already dark area is less visible the brown shift.

I solve it going over all the piece with a very subltle layer of the overreduced black , not to dark that pieces , just to give all the piece the same shift , this way you can't see it anymore and disguise brown spots.
I wanted to say about adding a violet but Herb beat me to it. If i want a really deep black color then i usually mixed about 1/5 Blue violet to black. The blue violet really saturates the black leaving it alot darker looking. The createx illustration black is a pretty muddy color as are most airbrush paint blacks.
It happens will all blacks when you reduce it. That is why I use Payne's Grey for monotone pieces. When I need very dark and thinned black, I mix black with Payne's Grey.
Paynes Grey from ETac is my favorite shading color. I keep a small pre reduced bottle within arms reach at all times