I'm Bad



Had problems with the regulator on my compressor so I went to the store to buy a new regulator and this is the bad part....While trying to remove the regulator I broke it off and the screwy part is stuck in the machine....the good news is my husband told me to do a little researching on the forum and find a better compressor (this ones really noisy).
(he knows I like you guys a lot and how helpful everyone is) Anyway would you advise me please. These are some of my questions.... What is the best HP to get. Gal. size and oil or oiless. Any advice would be appreciated.
Just not a good day :(
i had a noisy compressor and it blew my mind and my concentration every time it started up... made me want to give up... then i went to hobby lobby and bought a two cycle silent compressor for bout 300.00 bucks, had it for about year and a half now.. and i just love it.i can hear it, but its not as loud as the campbells and hausfeid i had.....it has no tank and it runs while i am airbrushing but it has been faithful.. plus the low sound it makes can be tolerated...if i had to get another one i would buy the same thing. lol. just my opinion. but hope it helps..
If money was no object I highly recommend the Silent Air http://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=M22590 this is the one I use not only at home but had the University buy one for the C&C machine I run at the office.
Noise wise no more the you fridge kicking on. The machine I run at work operates at 70 PSI on an 8 hours excrement it may kick on to refill the tank 4 times.
but than again I know money is always an issue..
Main thing I recommend is go to the local home improvement store and have them fire up the compressors you have a liking for.
If only for airbrushing 3 to 5 gallon tank. Mine are oil type , but my neighbor just bought a compressor to be able to have one to haul around on his farm that is pretty quiet , it is label as a nail gun compressor but goes up to 140PSI .
Hey if it's good enough for you....but one problem, we don't have a hobby lobby. I'll check it out on the web though and see if we have something similar here. Thanks a bunch Ran
listen to micron,,, he is the tech man,, and as always if money may be an issue, but if you are serious... then do what you have too..
Hi Cinder, im sorry to hear what happend today. Here is a link to another SilAir Compressor from Coast Airbrush http://www.coastairbrush.com/proddetail.asp?prod=M11091
This is kinda the same as i have myself, mine is just a rebranded one with a blue housing, but same inside. I love mine since it is very quiet and has enough power for the airbrushes
that i have. And here is one i seen on the Chicago Airbrush site from California Air tools California Air Tools 1650A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor . This one also seems not to be
bad, but it wont be as silent as the SilAir compressor.
Looks like I'm going to be busy checking all this out. Thanks for the guidance Stranger.
Ran ...I like them too :) (maybe a little too much) lol:)will be checking them out
Look at the California air or GMC cyclone. About $250 and silent enough to run in the house and enough power to run multiple guns.
Thanks all for your help. I went out this morning and bought a Hyundai HPC6060 compressor. It runs 125 Max PSI has a 6 gal tank and a 1.5 HP motor. It also came with a 2 in 1 Brad nailer & stapler, impact wrench, ratchet, inflation kit and pvc hose with connectors and you can put two separate hoses on it. Thought is sounded like what the farmer had. Half as noisy as my other one was but still noisy. For the price ($197) I thought it was worth taking a chance on since it can be passed on to my husband lol... Thanks again I was guided by the info given and probably would have gone with the California if it didn't need to be ordered online. My artwork has to meet a much higher level before I buy the silent air....hopefully that day will come :)