I'm new to the forum and a beginner airbrusher - Hi!



Hi Everyone,
I'm a Brit that lives in Holland. I started airbrushing about 5 months ago and have recently been concentrating on learning to paint portraits, freehand with shield.

I made a load of beginner airbrush videos which I put on YouTube to help others like myself who struggle in the very beginning to find answers especially on equipment. I'm abit of a nerd so did loads of research and I love technology so I'm always messing about with stuff to try and improve things.

I've always wanted to airbrush after seeing some artwork when I was young (many years ago :)) but never got the chance to try it out. 3 years ago I bought a starter set which I used once, then it sadly ended up in the attic. I finally got it back down 5 months ago and I haven't stopped messing about since. I don't actually paint as much as I mess about with the equipment, paints, research, cutting stencils and freehand shields etc. etc.

Anyway I'm always wanting to know about this that and the other so I hope you don't mind me asking about anything and everything airbrush!!

I have an Iwata HP-SB+, HP-SBS, a faulty H&S Ultra and a couple of Veda Chinese cheapos.
I use Com-Art paints predominately and Trident. Also have some Golden Fluid, Schmincke Aero Pro and FW.

Looking forward to getting involved,
Cheers Mel
PS: Is there a way I can put the airbrushes I use and paints at the bottom of my messages, it saves repeating that info.?
Welcome home Mel. Good to have you here.
In your profile you will see a heading for signature, In there you can add you name , what airbrush and equipment you are using or quotes .

Post of some of your stuff
Hi Mr Micron,
Thanks for your welcome :)
I looked in My Profile and I can't find a "signature" heading anywhere.
Is it under another heading?
Welcome to the forum I have been down the mad scientist road before it's a fun one knowing your equipment is a big part of airbrushing and a skill most beginners should learn.
Hi Strictly Attitude,
I've always loved inventing and improving things. Did a foundation year in 'Design Technology' but sadly dropped out. I loved the course but couldn't get on with the lecturers, most of whom thought they were gods gift and just loved to put you down. Mine is an odd passion for a middleaged old gal :tennis:

By the way, it turns out I can't write a signature till I've done 5 posts and it was under the 'Settings' heading in 'My Profile'.
Hey Melbee, from Brit gal, of middling years LOL! Get posting, after five you can enter the competition, if you're doing portraits should be up your street.
Welcome Melbee,
Don't worry about having ' odd ' passions for a middle age ol' gal. I got that crown :)
Hi Mel, and welcome. Now you have over 5 posts its time to post up some artwork :) only of you are comfortable to do so. No pressure.
There's loads of very tallented artists here and everyone is always willing to help out if you get stuck.

What you waiting for :) c'mon hurry up then.

Hey Squishy, seen you on Forums here and there, it's a memorable name :) I have to say I'm dead jealous of your motorbikes. The only bike I have now has peddles Ha Ha Ha, how I miss an engine :) I see your in Hampshire, I grew up there in Eastleigh and then Gosport.

Hey Lee, good to see you here too. You've seen the pictures I deem good enough to show on the UK forum but I will post here eventually. I'm still struggling with my blooming self portrait but it's getting there. I'm not very prolific, I've only finished 4 portraits, the rest is too naff to show.

Thanks for the welcome Folks
Cheers Mel
welcome Melbee tutorling my self your in the right place for good information and advice these guys and gals are awsome ive learnt so much already im rocking a 2/1 H&S infinity 0.15 again welcome fellow Brit
have a go at the March comp im going to give it a go you never know ........
Hi Andrew,
I'm thinking about the competition, not sure yet if I want to go for it or not. I'll try a painting and see afterwards if I want to enter it or not :joyous:
I'm a Yorkshire lass! I was born just outside York, moved down South, then back up North and now I'm over here!! No wonder I'm confused Ha Ha!!

I'm just thinking whether to get an Infinity solo 0.15 or an Evolution Silverline.
Hi Mr Micron,
Thanks for your welcome :)
I looked in My Profile and I can't find a "signature" heading anywhere.
Is it under another heading?
Sorry I told you the wrong place ,, Setting tab at the top of the page.
Once you open the setting page look for edit signature. in the My setting box.
Another welecome from the uk! Sure you will enjoy it here as musc as I do.
Welcome to the family!! There is nothing wrong with being a nerd..... One day we will get revenge ;)

Hey Mel welcome aboard, you've come to the right place. You will find a wealth of knowledge on this forum