I'm on a roll... somebody stop me!

I've bought, lessee... five airbrushes in the last six years. And I already had two prior to that. I have all the airbrushes I can eat, yet am still arguing with myself over whether to buy another one (I want to try a Hansa 281).

I should probably sell a few of them. But the ones I use I all like (different tools good for different jobs), and the one's I don't use I don't want to sell because... well, I don't use them because I think they're lemons, so it doesn't feel right pawning them off on someone who might not know better.
I think I have all of the airbrushes I need right now to get started with. I really like my H&S Ultra and the MA G23's I have. I sort of still want a Badger 105 Xtreme but it can wait.