Im so pissed right now!!!


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Im so angry right now. One of my airbrushes the custom micron cmc + body got cracked im heated!!! My question is can i buy a body from anywhere or someones broken one? I dont feel like shelling out another $500 and i feel naked without that gun. Is that harder steenbeck crplus with the .015 needle any good? I still have a .02 hiline and a eclipse iwata.
How did it crack? I saw on Facebook that Iwata is exchanging a guy's 20 year old airbrush when the cup broke off. Maybe contact them.
You can get the body seperate, each self respecting airbrush store should be able to supply one (will probably have to be ordered in as I suspect this is one of those things they won't have in stock). As andreza indicated I'd first contact Iwata about it though. Don't know the how and whay of it but they might replace it.
Yep, last I got an old HP-C with broken cup and got an new HP-CP for my customer. There service is very good.
I dont beleive you can buy the body either, at least not in Oz, i tried to buy a SB bidy when I didnt gel with the C thinking I could just switch the neadle and head, alas it was a no go.
Yeah i contacted them and sent it in hoping they replace it. Have not had any luck finding a body online. If allbelse fails ill either have to get another micron or look at the harder steenbeck
It cracked right across the side the whole hose connect broke off. I sent it in and leaving it to the powers that be. If they don't cover it im seriously thinking if a micron sb instead and sell the spare parts from the cmc+. Thank god i have a hi line and a eclipse which are good. The harder and steenbeck trigger delay i keep hearing about turns me off
Trigger delay?????? I own a H&S Infinity. And delay it has not! They are in fact super sensitive in that it catch;s many people out.
Are these guys Iwata users saying this?
Personally, I'm not Brand loyal in my brush's. For every brush I have owned (Mostly Wata's) or used, No brush is perfect yet. The H&S is damn nice. Light, well designed. (Smarter then Iwata's in many area's) But I dont like the trigger set up. Just the design erks me. But Trigger delay it has never had, UNLESS you dont thin your paint properly. It is a super fine needle, and you need to thin accordingly.

What about the trigger design don't you like

If you look at a pic of the design. Unlike the most other setups, where they have a floating needle that push's down upon an airvalve. The H&S has a Ball. This is actually a good idea. It stops much lint and gumming up from the needle plunger style. Tho H&S have the Gold plated quarter lever attached to the trigger assembly that acts as a "Trigger Stop".
Granted as yet I have NOT experienced the issue yet. But I feel in time it may wear and cause trigger pull back sticking. Lubing the area is needed. Then it gets dirty, looks ugly, and I feel like I need to clean it (Nit picking).

Saying that. My Iwata CS has at times unless lubed had this issue also. And just found resently, My trigger plunger needing disassemble more often these days.
The rubber "O" ring sealing the cup is also a little soft also I found. Just gotta be aware of it cleaning/Soaking.
So take it all with a grain of salt.

Ok got ya ive had the sticking trigger issue on my iwatas as well so i know exactly what your talking about.
Glad for you! Replacement of one of the expensive ABs for free is a good sign. I've heard only a few times about problems with iwata and all that issues were resolved by iwata service.
Though I can't understand how that happened to your CM.