image tranfer (maping and stenciling)


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at a low cost i take my images on a flash drive to staples and have them print on low cost paper a b&wht print the largest iv done was 24 x 36 of two diferant images i already transfer d 1 in minuets using carbon paper it works well i can also use poster board and a sharp exact o knife to cut stencils fore sharp edge:smile-new:
Never even thought of doing something like that! I just use a grid!
So how do you then put it onto your project?
(Not trying to be a smart arse just curious!:joyous:)
I think one possible method may be to use chalk on the rear of the image, tape onto ground then using a pen go over the elements to be transfered. The image could be hinged with the tape to allow for inspection of progress. May need to check on colour of chalk used and not make it too heavy as it may bleed into your paint. As I type the most obvious method would be to use a graphite paper, this should not bleed into water pased paints.This method is well known in the Signwriting industry.

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I use an artist tracer I got from a pal and Ive got an overhead projector but it aint that clever Id really love a led projector for the pc but I can always live in hope ;)
First off I clean up my reference picture in PS. Then i go to and make it about 2 A4 wide and high, but it depends.
Then i print the PDF containing the 4 images.
I cut the margins and use M3 to tape it together.

Then I take some black crayon/charcoal or graphite and blackout to A4´s. I put this ontop of the surface Im about to paint.
Then my reference. On top of that I lay out a plastic pocket or OH-paper so I wont damage the reference. I then trace the reference with a pen and some pressure.

The result are OK and It´s really cheap and you can do a lot of stenciling.
I got a cheap projector at Kohl's for $70 last year at Christmas time. It can be hooked up to the computer ans it also reads flash drives by itself. It works pretty good so long as I can get a good dark room to work in. I wish I could afford the real nice projectors.
I get the image to the correct size then print it iut and either use a graphite pencil on the back or seral paper behind it. I then trace around the pic and hey presto its on your paper. This way you get a very acurate reference image on your paper or board.

Another method is to get a pinwheel (most craft shops shpod them) and go over the lines you want on the vehicle or board, tape the image in place andgo over it with a chalk bag
I print two copies of the subject, one original and one reversed. Then I simply lay tracing paper over one image and trace with a very sharp #6 graphite pencil. Turn the tracing paper over onto my paper and rub firmly over the lines with a paper stump (careful not to press too hard as it will indent the paper). The transfer will be reversed from the image you traced, so the reversed image printed becomes the actual reference.