In Afghanistan by way of The Great State of Texas



Greetings from The Stan. I'm a US soldier currently deployed here. From Houston, Texas and very motivated to begin airbrushing. I have always had an interest in airbrushing since I was a lot younger and would see the amazing airbrushed art on lowriders and other custom vehicles. I love to draw and have no idea where to start when it comes to airbrushing. I have a few months to educate myself before I get back to the States so I'm happy to have found this forum that appears to be filled with a lot of information on the subject. I'll be spending a lot of time here. Nice to meet yall.
Welcome!!!! Currently in the Navy myself and recently returned from over in that area from a 8 month deployment, during that time I was glued to this website and learned a TON!!!!!! Stay safe
Welcome to the family and let me start by saying "thank you for what your doing for the rest of us citizens". I remember when Aaron (4d!) was still deployed and yes he was glued to the forum, lol!! Stay safe and return soon. If you ever have a question just ask. It will get a answer shortly, I promise. Tons of great people here who are willing to help and I will do all I can. My Pm box is always open to.
Welcome from Amsterdam, if there is anything you want to know or learn, just ask as seamonkey also told you. Take care!
welcome from sunny South Africa.
man - I hope you stay safe, war is not for the feint of heart.

this is a fantastic place. watch as much and read as much as you can :)
Welcome to the forum from NH. Stay safe over there.

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Welcome along brother. its all already been said i think. heat folk here with a great knowledge to share with great people. ...enjoy and welcome from UK
Hello and welcome from PA, and a big THANK YOU for your service. As a former Marine I am familiar what it is to serve my country. Loads of good peeps here to help and guide us in the path of finding the inner artist in us. Semper fi
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!thank you for the service and stay safe!!!:angel:
Welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place. Plenty of people here to answer your questions. Much love to you and all of our sons and daughters out there. We appreciate your service to our country. Stay safe! :)
welcome from Hermosa Bch California. Thank you for helping to keep us safe and FREE.. Ask away.. there is a lot of knowledge on this forum
Regards, Kurt
Welcome from the uk. My nephew came back from the Helmand province a little while back and I know hearing from family means a lot. You just got yourself a whole new extended family here, full of great artists ready to offer advice and a few laughs. So read all you can, absorb all the info, and if possible, draw when you can, so that when you get home you'll be ready to go.