Inconsistent air flow all day long!



So I have my own iwata eclipse airbrush that is almost brand new and I practice at home with it on a mirror and it was with a California air tools compressor and it worked out pretty well besides some spidering from no moisture Trap I'm guessing. Anyway I go to the shop where I'm trying to get work at and have tried 4 of his eclipses, drained the paint and cleaned the bottles looking for chunks of dried paint AND cleaned the brushes several times. I clean the tip off every few minutes and yet I'm getting very inconsistent paint flow. It will spray like it's supposed to then will the paint will stop coming out and when it finally comes out again it blows out a lot of paint like there's a clog. Also, not sure if this is relevant, the air is leaking out at the quick connector on 2 or 3 of his hoses. If you twist it or screw it sometimes it will get less of an air leak...

Again I don't have this problem with my personal airbrush and I've dealt with this the last 2 days being here. What might be the cause? Thanks!
This is a sample of what's going on.


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Morning... what sort of paint are you using? You checked for clumps which is good but did you strain the paint beforehand? What sort of pressure are you using?
Hello! The pressure is set for us and I think I solved the problem. I think the paint was too thick I thinned it with some water (Createx wicked colors paint btw) and it is working like it should now. So weird about that that!
If you can paint on a mirror and not get spidering then you have excellent gun control. Why do you do this? There are quite a few factors why paint flow can be inconsistent. The main one is pressure to high with too thick paint. The paint simply can not keep up with the air being pushed out. Thin the paint which will increase the chances of spidering or drop the pressure a bit which will increase graininess of paint. Find the happy medium between paint viscosity and pressure and all will be sorted.
Pretty proud of that practice name


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Buy some pantihose :) and cover all your colors with a small square of it over the bottle head then screw on the cap, it helps clean the paint a little as you go as the smoother the paint the better and as all paint clumps to a degree that final strain really helps clean the paint going into the gun but also rinse your gun regularly and keep that clean as possible as well. That all helps with detail and consistent paint. no matter the brand, but paint sometimes can just get by its use by and often inside the bottle a lots gone off on the sides etc and these dry as we use it and does contaminate the rest easily so if painting directly from paint bottles, pantihose is a cheap easy fix, but for me it is embarrassing buying them LOL. I'm surprised some company doesn't make like little paint paint bottle pantihose strainers and sell em for 600% profit LOL..Hold on, checking ebay now ;)
Great idea! Thanks! Maybe you can be the seller who marks up and cleans up haha. ;)