Infinity 2 in 1 for trade !



Hi guy's & gal's, i own 3 infinity's 2 in 1 at the moment and i am willing to trade one for another brush ( Renegade Krome, Paasche Talon or something simulair ). So if someone here has a double also which he/she like's to trade for it let me know in PM. I'll post pics tomorrow from it, it's in almost new condition....the only thing that might need a renewal is the 0.15 needle....there is a very tiny bend in it ( cant see it, but you can feel its there ). I always took good care of it and its well maintained as you'll see in the pics tomorrow.
I know what you mean John, buying these airbrushes are like having a tattoo cant stop after just having one ! But 3 infinity's are overdoing it a bit...i think.

Tomorrow you'll be able to see the condition of it though.
As promised the pics i took today.....

Infinity 2 in 1-1.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-2.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-3.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-4.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-5.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-6.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-7.jpgInfinity 2 in 1-8.jpg

Bear in mind that the only problem i could find is that there is a very tiny bend on the 0.15 needle. That's the only thing that might need to be replaced.
Nahhh...i like the infinity....but i also like to broaden my variety in brushes i this seemed the solution to kill 2 flies in 1 swat ! Just got very curious about the krome after reading about it from members who have one already.