infinity or badger 20/20



do I pay $75 for the badger (excluding postage to South Africa), run the risk of it getting lost on the way here, paying import duty and VAT on everything or do i save up for the infinity - Available locally for around $380. I would consider the grapho but I really like the look of the infinity 2 in 1.

I am basically looking for an AB to do fine work.

Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks :)
I'm all for badger since I have never tried h&s but go for what you have readily available or easiest to get parts for. It's no doubt you will bend a needle or something and need to get it quick.

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Fly, how will you get it here? Amazon don't want to deliver to us. What about spares for the Sotar.
i hear you andre, but $400 is a lot of money to save -I was kinda hoping amazon would deliver to us. sigh.
spares - not sure. I would prefer the infinity.
The Infinity is awesome...but I can't compare to a Badger, though. If you know someone that travels from Germany to RSA you could get the AB here for 321US$ and have it brought into the country.
thanks torben :)

I found this website - infinity126543

$275 plus $20 for shipping to SA for the 2 in 1 - (Not cr plus) which isnt too bad if I could find a website that gives an indication of import duties
if you get either airbrush it would be wise to get a spare needle I personaly would get a badger velocity or krome if money is tight as for the infinity if you look at the .15 needle wrong it bends but if you have a loop you can straighten it easily. the nozzle is pretty robust as for the badgers i believe the krome velocity and 2020 al have the same head. if you drop the nozzle it is so small it disapears get a spare when you order. the paint is key go etac com art is great stuff to
Good point ferret thanks. - noob question though- what is a loop? and how would it straighten the needle?
the only reason I​ would go for the badger is the price tag. Even then, I might well have to wait because my bank phoned me yesterday :(
Andre - that might work - but given that H & S is supported here in SA I might well wait and save up.
Thanks for all the input.
Fly, a loop or loep is a small powefull magnifying glass normally used by jewelers. You can use it to check cracked nozzles and bent needle tips.

Why does it have to be the Infinity? What about the Evolution? It has the same nozzle and needle and is cheaper. The Silverline with the needle limiter on the back is a hot gun. And no gold plating that can come off.

thanks Andre

It doesn't HAVE to be the infinity. hence me asking about the badger. I do like the look of the infinity, plus the features. :)
I liked the idea of being able to do tech drawings (as a challenge) but the other issue is availability of decent paint.
Com-art is great and available locally but on order. Otherwise Daler Rowney FW is awesome. Used it on my competition piece and I was surprised how easy it goes through the nozzle of a Micron. You can then use Dala inks to tint.
I have been using the dala inks - seem to be reasonable through my Chinese ABs. a bit of tip dry, but I have an idea for that. Do you still use water/distilled water to reduce the Daler Rowney?
At the end of the day I am looking for an AB I can trust to do very fine work and that has been well made.
You still use water for the Daler Rowney inks. I use destilled water though. I have found that the Dala acrylic retarder helps a bit for tipdry aswell. It slows drying time down so don't use too much. About a drop per cup. It helps if you want to do other stuff with the paint after you've layed it down like with wood when you need to make it streaky with a paintbrush. But you can mix the Dala with the Daler Rowney white to do colour capping.
I have an H&S the evolution i think and its not excrementty quality but it sucks to use and to clean...
I do shirts and murals so I mainly use Omni-Vega-360-Anthem, Paasche VLST or Eclipse , can't tell wich one i like best ( matrix maybe , for doing trucker hats too) but these are all awesome guns they get the job done
My bad! i just checked and it's not an "evolution" it's a "Ultra"
I agree with andre 100% the gold plaiing does wear off you can still use the didtance cap and that fancy gold nob at the end of the handle you probly wont use iv never used mine not even on the micron
thanks for the info ferret :)
i have a similar adjustment knob on my chinese ab, and i use it perhaps 10% of the time :)
distance cap appeals to me - but those are serious expensive 'niceties' for gold plating that might come off :0