infinity spray gun ??? hvlp looking thiungy


Air-Valve Autobot!
so the cup is h and s 50 gram plastic cup with the .6 set up should be good for spraying heavy base coats wonder if i can use this to clear my bicycle with 2 part its just tubes i wasnt sure how many folks here knew h and s had a cup this large so i figured i wood share it
I think the large cups are meant for the Colani, but may fit the infinity.
theirs a metal one for the colinie also its a freeking paint blaster Thain i switched over to the .15 im only using that with the horn cap lol not bending anymore needles also o ring part # 124210 for the colini also fits nicely under the infinity nozzle if you want an o ring for a better seal now im going to take the micron for a spin hey jeff how did you like thos t storms i love Florida
lol me to i l0ove thunder storms i just got domne blasting some reduced gesso out of this bad boy its awesome preped a whole panel in minuets