Info for problem solving



I have noticed when some of us require help either with airbrush set up, compressor problems and airbrushing problems in general, there is very often little information over the specific problem given, I myself have also been guilty of this.

If anyone has a question, we can help each other quicker and more precise if we know everything about the problem.

If it's an airbrush problem, what airbrush, what tip and needle size, what pressure, is your problem constant or intermittent, and for compressor problems what type and size is your compressor and does it have a tank.

Note too that work space conditions and the medium our painting on, canvas, steel, paper, etc. can have an influence on how your equipment behaves.

Many problems related to airbrushing can be due several issues happening at the same time, but the problem is easier to pin point if we know all the details.

Also if your looking for advice on what airbrush or other equipment to buy, supply a little info on your needs, what do want to do with your airbrush, will it be indoors or out, large or small surfaces, models, finger nails, all of this will help us to recommend the right equipment for you.

And if you list your approximate location (Not your full address and post code) this will also help our members form your area to help you find the nearest supplier.

And one last tip, the forum has a search window at the top of the home page, and since some questions have already been asked, your may find your answer here.

@Mitch/Cordyk, maybe this is important enough to become a sticky.