Hi guys/girls
I have a bit of a problem where do you find your inspiration for your paintings i never find something to paint myself i just copy things (for so far that works:-[ ) grtz DAEMON

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What i mostley do is search for desktop/wallpaper sites. These contain a lot of inspiration, foto's fanasy pictures animals etc.

Another option for free to use images is free stock photos

Maybe some others users have some nice links as weel.
i also pay for alot of my images, but it allows me to get some really high quality portrait photos...a good site is
For practice copying is fine and there are tons of references online. If you plan on selling your artwork be very careful. You can be sued and lose very easily

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I also tend to buy high quality photos along with the commercial licence in case I ever want to sell , mostly from or use my own photo's
I recently started using pinterest

It is a site which regroups photos from all over the Internet and which you can browse and pin the ones that interests you on your boards.

Here are the ones I've pinned so far Ideas to paint on Pinterest

If you plan on using a photo for paying work, make sure it is Ok, if you click on the photo you get a bigger view, and if you click again it sends you to the site it was taken from.

Hope it helps. :)
Hi thanks for the reaction the copying i ment is most of the time photo's of friends and cars they send me to practice but i want make something of my own like most of the guys/girls make for a contest is it like the true artists did do you guys/girls have a muse (person of inspiration ) or how can you get the inspiration to create your own painting. I know this is a difficult questionbut i am interested i how you guys find your inspiration because i cant find mine i have already search in my AB space but could not find it :D. Grtz DAEMON

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I normally trip over it somewhere in the backyard LOL....

No-one can really help you with this, we can say look at this or that, go here or there but none of us knows what inspires you..Thats what you need to find out LOL.

What do you like, are you an animal lover (I am and this tends to lead me a lot in that direction), do you like gruesome scenes or horror..Are you a fantasy reader or love a good sci-fi film...

So I'll flip this back onto the only person who can answer this kind of question-What inspires you?

Once ya answer it...Start painting LOL
The way I go about it is, once I have an idea of what I want to create, I hunt for references pictures, for example if I where to make a fairy sitting on a mushroom, I will search for mushroom pictures which matches the most what I have in mind, I then search for women sitting, then I would search for butterflies for the wings, and so on. Once I have found all the references I need, I start to mix and match to try to get as close as I can to what I want, I might even take my own pictures for hand position etc.

I will make a rough sketch, for the layout, I might even use Photoshop to put everything together than draw it as many times as I need to get it like I want I then transfer it to canvas to paint.

Hope it helps :)
So i think i got it so i am going to listen to children of the age of 6 to 9 so my fantasie is going in overdrive (becaus these kids have enough fantasy to give mine a big boost :D) then i start with the sketch with reference of the ww web en then i start to paint so when my last project is finished i know what to do you guys thanks a lot this was a great help its pretty intersting to. See what people do for there inspiration

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Hahaha, you basically inspired yourself so don't blame us LOL..

Kids are always a great help :). But yer I kinda go about it similary to WhiteKnight..Its like making my own jigsaw at times, sometimes I'll just have an idea and sketch it on with the airbrush and small starts and idea's sometimes just create themselves into more complex things but just open that door to your imagination, It is one of our most important tools..Av fun :)
Rebel air that is why i need the kids my door to the imagination world is blocked by personal problems in the past but i must say she is opening slowly now so i feel when i am busy with kids it open faster so no hard feeling to you guys it is thanks to you guys that the door started opening.

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