Inspire new waterbased airbrush paint range



Hi,to you all just thought i would let you know about Inspires new range of paints in a waterbased format .I spoke to them at the kustom kulture blast off show at the weekend and also some artists who are trailing their new range . They are impressed by all accounts and suggest that they sit somewhere between wicked and trident .I was also told that Inspire are going to set up a shop in the usa which can only be good new s for you all .I can from personal use of other specialist paints products highly recommend them and there services .
svee said he liked them, but if you are using etac to stay with that as quality is a long way from etac....also the only colour most people where given was black.........which wasn't black.......not overly impressed, I would also suggest, like standard createx these have some solvent in as they stink of it and are defo not drinkable hehe
Always cautious of a urethane company going waterbased. A lot of these spinoff brands are ok, but they can't get the same materials and the paint just doesn't seem up to par usually. Reminds me of Azko Nobel who makes waterbased paints, and went the urethane route with sikkens. Aweful aweful stuff.
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Thanks for the heads up Ferret!
it would be nice to see someone who has access to the paints do a little head to head with Etac vs Inspire vs Com-art etc.
I think we are all pretty spoilt with the Etac - com-art paint types.
I was talking to Del (CustompaintShop) and he has some new paint but I think it was called H2O? Can't really remember due to copious amounts of blood inhibitor intake but he let me have a go with the white through his HP B+ (o,2) it was 80% reducer and 20% paint and it went fine, good coverage and although Del said he thought the tip dry was better than createx I am not convinced, I would need a little longer playing with it but it certainly wasn't worse than Createx. It's gonna be cheaper and made in the UK.
Yup the h2o is the inspire water based paint.... Gary got some in his prize booty for top brush!! Well done gary
Wonder if krylon will try to claim copyright on "h20" as they do have a h20 line that is hard to find in a can. Apples and oranges imo but you know how big companies can act.
Tip dry whats that lol ,since i changed to trident its not really been an issue and i have not really had an issue with using aqua _t through my AB either . Specialist paints are producing the Water based ab paint due to request and the fact of the legal status in europe with all major manufactures producing water based automotive paints .The other thing is the fact that you have to pay a lot more postage for solvent based items .
Hey @ferret tell me more about this Trident paint! Just looked at their site and it looks good but is it really?
It's funny with the trident, it has a big following and talked about. However people that I've talked to that used it say it doesn't live up to the hype. I was hell bound on trying trident but as of late I'm leaning towards etac. I know some pros that spray urethane like me that have tried trident and prefer etac over it.
I have some trident, and i heard all the hype about it when Dan Powers came over to teach at Mick Neill's place. ANyway I got the paint and had loads of issues with it, had to strain it twice to get the bits out, yeh its got great pigmentation load but wasn't all it was supposed to be.

I would love to try Trident but I don't like the colours. I like my colours to be named like traditional paints. I know they have formulas to get all the classic colours but that seem to be a lot of trouble. If you use pure colours I don't see a problem.
Oddball ,I can only speak from my experience with trident as we all have different set ups and requirements . I mix whatever colour i need from the tru 8 set without issue .Yes they are loaded with fine pigment which means you tend to use a lot of clear base when making transparent colours ,but this does mean it goes a long way ,so its cost effective . I have used it on various substrates again without issue .I have not needed to filter mine and have not had any issues with bits in it . You can abuse the crap out of it with no apparent problems .I have used it with my lechler reducer for my water based auto system and it works out just fine . It is however down to personal choice and requirements . There are no pearl or metallic colours yet ,but i just use either my auto systems or other ab paints that i have . Immortal concepts people over here in the body shop trade found the swap enforced upon them to use the waterbased systems a real challenge initially ,but the ones who stuck with it now love the stuff and would not go back as there is so much red tape over solvent usage .The same can be said for airbrushing apart from the die hard few ,but all the companies have got to move with the times and promote the more environmentally friendly products to encourage more people to take up ab as a safe pastime with greatly reduced detrimental effects to health .Whatever you spray ,spray safe
Thanks for that @ferret I was just curious. When I first got into this game I found myself hopping from one brand to another and to be honest I never gave any of them a fair chance, I was, like most beginners looking for the instant fix!
On my shelf now I have two brands which seem to cover all my needs but I'm not locked into those brands and other than easy availability, if I was sponsored that would be another matter ;)
I'm not a dyed in the wool brand man but now I'm longer in the tooth I'm wary about the time it takes to get the best out of a paint system.
Of course, if a different paint works out more economic, then it might be worth a punt.
Yeah that's why I've been looking into trying out waterbased so I'm not stuck if they ever ban it here. Then again I think about retiring a lot from painting because of the economy. Being a mechanic pays the bills but I'm miserable. Ever since my shop failed I've been in a slump artistically and battle "why bother" on a daily basis.
I feel for you ,been their myself when the global recession hit . I agree its difficult to know what way to go when it comes to employment ,but if you can combine your passion of ab with your employment then its no longer a choir .You obviously have skills with ab and are a very knowledgeable fellow , i am sure you will get re motivated and bounce back . Hell i am having to learn all over again due to my health issues effecting my hands ,but i am motivating myself to improve so i can tackle various projects i have been asked to do . Like you the automotive paint repairs will pay the bills just ,but there are so many lowballers out there who will do work for peanuts just to get work . Good luck