Inter-coat clear


Air-Valve Autobot!
Well i'm starting a project for my Brother in-law. He owns a mechanic shop and everyone in the family has something. So it's his
It will be a 12x17 inch sign on metal. I have primed and painted it so far with Dupli-color rattle can. I will be using trans. Auto-Air Colors. Finished with rattle can clear.
This is going to take me awhile being slow due to surgery on my elbow. Is it worth it to inter clear this job or just keeping it clean and dry. I would have to inter coat the whole piece if i did. Is it worth all the extra work? Will it make it look more deep? I have never done this before. What is the best stuff to use and what is the best way if i did?
Once I get going, I will start a thread in the WIP....
Thanx in advance....U guys and gals rock....
Yes and no, Using Autoair you really do not have to use any type of inter coat clear, Unless you do not want the color bleeds that you can get with over lapping trans paint.
If you were using the Autoair candies and did not want it to muddy up due to different layers of color than yes.
If you are afraid of water or liquid getting on it and messing up the art work than yes again.
But is it something you have to do , No not really.