Interior walls prep for mural




I've got a project that involves painting a large mural indoors...what do you folks normally do to prepare walls? My one has just been repainted and would be good to retain the existing paint but not sure the paint I'm using (createx) will react in any way as I don't know what they've painted it there some kind of sealer or something you use before starting or do I generally need not worry and just scuff and paint away?!

I always clean the wall well with soap and water and do a small test in an area you know will be covered with your paint. I use light layers and build it up. I've only scuffed one wall for a mural, all the others held the paint fine. If you are using the original Createx textile paints, I would seal it with Save Tee from Coast Airbrush when you get done painting, just make sure you give your Createx paints time to cure before sealing. I've never used adhesion promoter to do a mural but Im sure you could if you're worried about it adhering but I would just test a small area once you have cleaned it with soap and water or wax/degreaser. Others who have done more murals than me will pitch in Im sure and give you some other methods as well!! Hope that helps
If it was painted with oil based paint you should seal it as the oil in the paint will leach thru the water based paint(kilns primer works) most indoor paints are water based due to the smell of the oil based paints.but i would try to find out what the wall was painted with