Introduction and hello from Sweden



Hi all,

New on this forum, and to airbrushing as well.

I have a ton of questions and youtube is my friend at the moment (watching airbrush tutor ofc)

So who am i,

A 32 years young man in my best years, sorry i started with a lie ... recently turned 33 years "old" :)
Have a lot of interests and hobbies, my main ones are Fishing, flytying and playing the guitar and now airbrushing.

Reason for AB was i had a vision of making my own lures and painting them, however i got caught up just spraying portraits and actually ditched fishing last weekend for the AB :) Its so much fun and stirred up a lot of emotions and creativity.

Except this i love nature and spending time with my dear "Wife to be" and daughter ... and soon son :)

Anyways that was a short presentation and i hope to evolve with this hobby with your help !

Hi Skanerost welcome from the uk. There are a few fishing fans on the forum, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of people to talk with about "the one on that got away" Lol. I love playing guitar too. Lots of great artists here only to happy to help with any ABing questions you have , so shout them out. Won't be long before you're spraying your own guitar.
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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hey buddy great to have you onboard... crikey... with all those hobbies and a family im suprised you will have time for airbrushing.... something will have to go eventually......... i vote the wife! well those rods and reals cost alot of money dont they
Welcome home :D Young one ... You have found a great place to hang out and learn at. So nice to add you to the family.
welcome from honduras hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Thanks all for the warm welcome, looking forward to learn as much as possible :)

Ad fez your right, the wife has got to go :) No she is really helpful and encourage me in all my hobbies. Her way of thinking is "do what you want as long as you dont play a silly videogame" :)
Thanks umm u live in Portugal ? But are from Skane ?
In that case why did you leave such a beautiful place ;) Just kidding, its cold grey and windy ... soon winter ... wish i was in Portugal instead :)

Välkommen!! And are really from Skane region? :) Wellcome aboard!
welcome her from sweden or more presise from halland but as you i have also left my mother country and now live in germany :distracted:
Hej, welcome from Birmingham uk , Swedens a lovely place go there a lot, vaxjo, flippin cold though in the winter, when I always seem to go,

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And a very understanding wife..