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Hello to everyone on this site! I've been a member for a while but haven't commented on or posted many threads.
I have a variety of airbrushes and have been using them sporadically over the last 15 years. Lately - the last two years - I have a renewed interest in building my airbrushing talents and skills. Being an 'empty nester' also plays into this.
Living in the Land O' Cheese (Wisconsin) where the weather absolutely sucks for at least six months of the year, I do my airbrushing indoors and am limited to water-based acrylics. I have never sprayed urethanes but want to try them as I hear they are better at minimal tip dry than what I ALWAYS seem to be fighting with my water-based paints.
Wanting to paint my own helmet design back when I was racing sports cars is what brought me into airbrushing.
I have several Iwatas from an RG-3 (?) spray gun to CM-C and CM-SB Microns.
My goals are to paint helmets, motorcycles, pin-ups, and fine arts (mostly portraits there). to have fun and supplement my income, nothing I plan to live off of though.
Thank you for reading this.
Welcome from Australia David.
Urethanes can be a health issue (as you are probably aware) so make sure you check with local by laws and health concerns
Thanks for the Aussie welcome, Jack!
Someday I will HAVE to try HoK paints . . . but under the right conditions.
Hi from the UK David! I've never tried uro's either. I would like too try them just to see the difference, but with laws on uro's tightening up here its not really worth it.

Out of interest, what water based have you tried? I sometimes do auto/helmets I use Wicked paint, with the high performance reducer tip dry is negligable. You do have to play around with your ratios and get to know it to nail it. But its an option if making a safe space to use uros becomes an issue.:)
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Better late than never. Welcome to the forum, if you need any advice post it up. One of us will try to answer. Urns are nice to paint with and smell great too but it's extraction and definitely respirator. Tip dry is neglegable compared to some water based paints. Depends on the colour..