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Double Actioner
I'm William , new here. I've been reading quite a few posts on air brushes for the last 4 days.

I've only used airbrushes to paint HO scale model trains . Got my first airbrush in 1983 mostly to paint the dash in my 73 VW Squareback. I used a full sized DeVilbiss JGA to paint the body . Self taught from a few books and help form a body shop that did the body work for a Ford dealership I worked for. Also have a touch up gun .

My first airbrush is a Paasche H number 5 tip . I didn't know what size to use so I also got a second one with a #3 tip . I still have them and when I decided to paint model trains that's what I used . Soon after I got a Badger 350 med just to try but never really used it much. Then decided to step up and got a Badger 200 which at the time was rebranded as a mac tools but it was a Badger. Then got a Badger 200 to go with it . I never did learn to use a dual action but did try . I was asked to build and paint a model HO loco for someone I never met , he say my work and asked if I would . Ge sent the parts and paint scheme and I decided to use a Paasche VL #3 but I only got so far with the white then decided to use the Badger 200 to get a better result with an internal mix . I used testors paint med blue over white . I mainly used Scale coat for my own models , Started with Floquill and had good results at least once I knew how to get a nice gloss finish.

Later I decided to sell the Badger 200 and 150 , I regret that now . Later I got another Badger 155 and a Vega 2000 then a older Thayer Chandler dual action model C that was sold at an art store as new but it never worked then got another Thayer Chandler single action internal mix both have the screw on cups , can't recall the model # but I still have both.

I had a Paasche millenial but sold it . I basically maybe one day will learn a dual action since I have 4 . I have a Revell Student which is basically a early version of a Vega 600 but the same head as the Badger 150 crown style. And a few other Badger that I got on the Badger garage sale long ago it was made special because when I placed the order they were all sold out so mine is the 3000TT which is what they were selling and mine is the same just built because I asked Ken if they would so it was made of spare parts they had. It's a dual action with a short handle and needle stop. I did later get a new Paasche VL med and a Paasche SI single action med .

I used an old sears arm green 2 cylinder air compressor 12 gallon tank for my airbrushing here and used a Paasche R-75 regulator I had another brand but drain valve broke and liked it better had a 0-60 gauge . But the new one works. Finally bought a airbrush compressor a Zeny off Amazon but I didn't deal with the insane amount of teflon tape wraps I tapped the tanks output to clear out the sealer since it has a 1/4" NPT and used brass fittings to mount the Paasche R-75 unit and I added the old 0-60 psi gauge to know what the tank pressure is. It's basically the same unit Badger and Paasche offer with the 3L tank.

So that is me.
Welcome William, sounds like You know What You are talking about :) Good to have You here, post up some of Your work if You can, We like a pic :)
Welcome to the forum! I'm fairly new here as well, just joining last month. This is a very nice community with lots of knowledge and amazing artists. Looking forward to see your work!

I don't have any photos of my work . When I started there was no internet and I may have some actual pictures somewhere not sure. Once I did have a computer and internet and a camera there was club photo and they just tossed in the towel and I lost everything . Went to photo bucket after and looked there isn't much I downloaded there. I did have photo's on an old PC and the HD fried so lost everything. Basically all I have is my memory . Most all of the HO loco's I painted were from undecorated models some I kitbashed . I did chicago & north western , Milwaukee , Soo and pennsy . All were two color scheme laid down the light yellow or orange then masked off for the Dk green or orange . Soo was white and red .

I just used the Paasche H for all and after the decals were applied a dull coat and sometimes a gloss all with Scalecoat paint later it was scalecoat II because of the plastic body.
Hi William,

If you happen to have any digital images you can email to me, I can host them online for you if needed. Feel free to contact me by private message if needed.


P.S. Same for everybody else :)
I don't know how to do the private message . Wanted to know if you in the US?
Or message me so I know how it works.
I don't know how to do the private message .


Find your user name at the top right of the page. To the right of it is a rectangular box with a V shape. It looks like the back of an envelope. That is the Private Message area. If you have a message there will be a number in a red circle. Click the box and it should drop down to show your message(s).

To send a PM hover your curser over the persons name you want to contact. There is a box at the bottom center of the drop down that says Start Conversation. Click that and make a title then post your topic. It will only go to that person.

The bell to the right of it will show notifications to a reply to one of your posts or if someone added a like to what you posted.
Hi William,

I just sent a private message. You'll see a notification with an envelope next to your username on top.

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