Genghis Jon


My name is Jon and I am from Connecticut,USA. I learned about the forum through Airbrush tutor and am glad to see so many talented artists work from around the world.

I had recieved a Paschee VL when I was in highschool but could never get it to work properly and finaly gave up. Many years later and some much earned patience and I am ready to have another

go at it. I have always been fascinated with art since I can remember and draw alot and paint in acrylic. I really started airbrushing again because I repainted my motorcycle and want to

do some airbrushing on it but now am hooked. Thanks to Mitch for the airbrush tutorials and all of you for your videos and tips.

welcome jon, great place and great peeps here, you wont regret it. :)
Welcome fellow New Englander, I am in NH.

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Welcome home Jon. You have found a great family to learn and have fun with.
Old Passche VL are great airbrushes and work horses. Might have to give it a tune up but the one I started with was more than 35 years old and after a full tune up work great and got me hook on airbrushing..
I have since switched to Iwata's and just ordered a Badger Krome at the first of this month.. So hang in there and is you can not turn up the answer you are looking for in the search , Feel free to ask.
Welcome Jon! You'll find everything there is to know about airbrushing in this community... and if not, the answer is 42 ;)
Have you done the motorcycle or are you planning to do it? Always keen to see impressions
Welcome to the family Jon!!! If ya need help with anything, just ask!!

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Thanks for the welcome. Haven't done it yet. Waiting for the warmer weather to come in. Maybe I'll make up my mind on a design by then to.
A BIG welcome Jon, enjoy yourself here and make it your airbrush home, it comfy and adfez makes a good brew:)