Is it someone try this? Fun Coating...



Nice for easy cleaning and AB performance...

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I would pay $50 to know what that guy is saying! They need a translate button for Youtube!
This is all I have been able to find on it -

Nikko Industries NPS Fun! Product overview of COATING 10 ml
  • High performance water and oil repellent coating agent

    · Coating of plating and metal surfaces to high hardness · high adhesion: It can give functions such as "water repellent", "oil repellent", "antifouling", "low friction".
    · Easy coating that only paints and dries (To achieve sufficient performance, heat drying is recommended.)
    · By coating on the handpiece, paint breaks well and cleaning was easy. The blowing feeling will also improve.
    · It has an effect to prevent sticking of the needle.
    · Since the coating is a transparent nanometer level film, it does not affect the handpiece appearance, paint sealability, etc.
    · Non-flammable, low toxicity, low odor and safe to use.
  • <Coating method>

    · Application of this product can be applied by any method such as "wiping with a cloth etc.", "spraying with a handpiece", "immersion (dip)", "brush coating".
    · Remove dust, oil, moisture, paint sludge on the surface to be coated in advance beforehand, so that the coating agent sufficiently touches the metal surface.
    · It is not necessary to apply plenty of coating amount so that it becomes sticky. An amount enough to see rainbow-colored marks on the coated surface is sufficient. (The coating film is formed in nanometer size.)
    · By warming the object, the adhesion of the coating is better.
  • <Coating method by various methods>

    1. Wipe with a cloth etc.
    Fun! Impregnate a small amount of COATING into tissue and clean cross and wipe it to the object you want to coat.
    An amount enough to see rainbow-colored marks on the coated surface is sufficient.

    Fun at the handpiece blowing handpiece! Put COATING as undiluted solution and spray it on the object. At the same time the inside of the handpiece is also coated.

    There is no specification for the time to immerse in immersion (dip) liquid or the speed to pull up. Even if they are immersed together, parts will not stick together.

    4. Impregnate the
    appropriate amount of brush strokes with a brush or cotton swab and apply it to the target.

It reminds me of some recent water repellent coatings I have seen over the last couple of years - mostly gimmick, and short lived in application - but, who knows?
I've often wondered if something like 'Rainex' wiped and dried on the needle tip would help with tip dry ?
@Dawid could to give a link where red nozzle sealer shown in the video is sold? It looks like you can search among Japanese products:)
I use K33 balm on the threads of my nozzles.

I'd never guess to do that:) It's stated on Foxy's site balm is for mechanism and the needle.
How does it work for you?

I've found a sealer that works similar, but it doesn't have that finely grounded component as red sealer on nozzles' threads that new Iwata and Olympos ABs come with. So I was searching for smth better. But even the sealer I have works good, as you needn't to tighten the nozzle as you would without the sealer. I think that's why new ABs come with that red thing on the nozzles. The nozzles needn't to be tightened much, there's no risk to damage the threads and no air would go inside the paint passage inside the AB.

Tamiya product seems like a solution.
They normally ship with a kind of Loc-tite. The K33 works 100%. I even use it on the contact points of my drop-in nozzles on the Eclipses and the paste holds the nozzle in place without the nozzle cap.
I suppose these nano coatings wouldn't work with urethanes, haven't found a word about solvent resistance.
I wish I understand japanese language to figure that out:) And ...
I will try to order it next time whit pints so i see if its good, and if you got much time like i do now you can use google translator :) i also find out that there is no Iwata micron worship :)