Is my Iwata air brush working normally?


Guy Guerra

I am new to air brush painting. I was cleaning my AB and the trigger came out. I reassembled it and am not sure its working properly now. I thought that when you push down and pull back that the AB would continuously spray paint, and that it would continue to apply paint until the trigger was moved forward again. Now it stops painting just by releasing downward pressure (I don't have to move it forward). Now I have to keep downward pressure on the trigger even when pulled back, which sometimes makes it shut off if I don't keep the downward pressure on. If I release pressure, the gun will stop applying paint. It seems like it used to be that when you wanted to stop painting you had to let the trigger move forward, not just let the trigger go up. Which method is correct:
1: To stop applying paint you need to let the trigger go forward then release downward pressure, it will not stop applying paint just by releasing pressure without moving the trigger forward, or
2: To stop painting just release downward pressure while the trigger is pulled back.

It's perfectly normal, if you stop the the pressure there is no air pull out you gravity fed paint, keep your air on with the trigger compressed as simply move the trigger forward to sop the paint or decrease how much paint is being pulled.

If your paint paint was really thin it would simply run out of the tip if you released your pressure
What Madbrush said is correct. But it is good practice to do like you are describing, down-back-forward-up. If you just release pressure without closing the paint, some paint still remains in the nozzle as soon as you apply air it will shoot out.
These guys have covered it... see the airbrushtutor video on basic technique that covers double actioning... air on - press down, paint on - pull trigger back while pressed down, paint off - trigger forward while pressed down, air off - press down...
Thanks very much. I have been practicing control and starting to get it, I just didn't remember it being able to shut off before I let the trigger move forward. I appreciate the help. This is my first post on this forum, and I just started airbrushing two weeks ago. I am an RC Helicopter flyer and want to learn how to paint my own canopies. I am finishing an Eagle on paper with templates today and am digging how it looks. I'm gaining a second hobby from my flying, and one that I can see I am going to like. The BB most of us in that hobby belong to is I am also a member of These BB's are so much help, and I've met a lot of nice people along the way. Thanks for your help.
If this is your first post I suggest you head over to the introduction section and do a proper intro, include what paints and brush you are using so we can all help out when you get stuck,

welcome aboard
A saying you will get used to..."Keep your Air On" Suss out some videos on the basic operation of a dual action airbrush on Youtube, no doubt many exist, its easy to say at times how its done but it really does help to see the technique but yer always keep pushing down, even after you stop paint flow, as the saying goes...keep that air on. Best of luck.