Is the paasche vision is a good airbrush ?

The paasche vision is good ?

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Hello I want to buy a good airbrush and I am looking at the paasche vision that the opinion of this airbrush is good or bad for detail? Is it good in quality? I want answers from people who have had it and give sincere answers aaaaa for sure I would like to be answered by fans # 1 of other brands or people who have not had experience with this paasche vision Thanks

Es Que yo quiero comprar la visión de Paasche lo Recomiendan parrafo Los Puestos de Trabajo con Detalles exactos, en Rendimiento y la Calidad? Quiero respuestas de las Personas Que Han utilizado
Es buen aerografo?
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Hello, Ive got the Talon, wich is almost the same airbrush (except for the body), and nop it is not a good detail airbrush, I used to use it for models, mostly base and clear. And it is a mater of luck if you will get a good one or a bad one.
I looked at the reviews on Amazon and most people liked the brush. Paasche has been around for ages so I would think it would be decent. One thing to think of is you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap you get cheap. Reviews look good though.

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I have the Talon, and the Vision - they are identical minus the mac valve on the Talon. On both of them I needed to return them to get one that worked acceptably. The Talon I returned 3 times, and settled on what I got, as it is not perfect. I purchased one with three nozzles and needles, and only two of them work. The third has the nozzle so far off center in the air cap, that is sprays off to one side, and will begin to spit blobs of paint within moments of initiating paint flow - this is a common problem on these brushes. Between the two brushes, I have had 5 samples... The only thing I ever use them for is laying down a clear coat of reduced acrylic varnish over a finished piece, because I don't find them to be good for anything else.

IF you are determined to purchase one of these, buy the Talon, and purchase a mac valve to add to your air hose. You will save a significant amount of money this way, as the Vision is way overpriced for the addition of just that feature.

Honestly, for the money that the Vision runs, I would jump all over an Iwata Eclipse, and never look back.
I haven't used the brush, so no personal experience. However I have read a lot of discussion here and the reviews seem very mixed, and there seems to be a view that although Paasche are a well known brand with a good history, the general view is the standards seem to have dropped regarding performance and production in recent times. However some people do really like them, but it seems like it may be luck whether you get a good one.

I agree with Dave, for that money consider the Iwata eclipse. Don't be put off by the .35 nozzle, although not a detail brush as such, when you get your paint and air mix right it is capable of the same fine detail, and is more versatile than a dedicated detail brush. They are well made and reliable, with hard wearing parts.
I have a talon and I brought it 2nd hand. I must be lucky because mine is ok, I did get the .25 setup but its not brilliant and has a chocolate needle, it never sprayed any good anyway. I have the .38 setup in it and i did have a play spraying cameron and an eagle which are in my pics on my profile page. Like i said i got it cheap off ebay so for the money it was ok. If i was paying full price then i'd have to think about it. If you can get an eclipse for the same money or just a bit more then that's what id go for. I can get a real fine line with an eclipse like Squishy said, so once your control is good its an all rounder.