Is there a "Universal" or "Multi function Airbrush?



Not being at all familiar with different airbrush's, was wondering..

Is there such a thing as an Airbrush that is Universal or can be used for multi styles of airbrushing? Is it just a matter of changing needles etc.?

Too many options. An airbrush like the Badger Patriot 105 or Iwata Eclipse HP-CS could be considered in this category. Both have a needle set that can do fairly decent detail, are solvent resistant, and are of good quality.
Just about all of them are for multiple styles of airbrushing..Some are better for certain uses, for example most T-Shirt artists tend to use siphons and higher pressures or bigger needle setups, fine artists may choose gravity's for lower spraying pressures thus more precision..Reading reviews will certainly help you find out about those differences but as long as its a dual action not much else really matters and each gun has its strengths, if you look at all the different styles around here and the net and uses coming out of the same guns you'll see what I mean.You can also get guns that no needle change is needed and has a 3-1 needle from broad to fine but can be a bit harder to control..There is lots to learn but most of it is out there and easy to find access to good reviews to help pick one that may suit your needs..The question probably is if your considering a new gun is what do you wan't to paint with it?
I would say the hp-cs is an all rounder, it will do fine detail, but if you want super super fine detail then you would need a more suitable brush, and it will spray I reckon a good inch and a half to 2 inch pattern,but if you want to paint lots of large areas then it's not good for that. If you need to load up with lots of paint then siphon fed or larger cup size would be better, but apart from that it can handle just about anything. But everyone has their favourites for different reasons.
The Badger 360 can be used as a Bottom feed, a side feed, or a gravity feed. The siphon tube rotates 360 degrees, hence the name. If thats what your referring to.
As posted above the needle/nozzle size makes a great deal of difference determined by what you want to paint and the type of AB paint your using. A metal flake paint needs a bigger nozzle as it will clog a 0.21 needle or even a 0.35 if the metal flakes are big. a 0.50 is minimum when spraying these types of paint. Badger makes a Crescendo 1.0, 0.80, 0.50 needle/nozzle sizes combo for spraying thicker or metal flake type AB paint. But be careful with it, compared to a 0.35 its a fire hose! For example Hot Rod Sparkle needs a 1.0 needle/nozzle. You'll also need a real compressor as that thing is an air hog once you pull the trigger back.
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