Issues reassembling Airbrush (Paasche Millenium)



"Paasche Millenium (Mil-3) "

^---is the airbrush type I have.

I reassembled it, but when I test it out and push back on the finger lever assembly, the little "S" tab behind the lever is pushed back, and so is the actual needle. The little "s" tab goes limp and does not return to it's original position with the finger lever..

Any clue as to what's going on/could be done to remedy this?

I have the same problem with the paasche talon (that I am returning). I found that if I release the needle chuck. To free up the needle moving it in and out a little. Then back off the spring guide and try to rotate the needle guide (which is attached to the "little "S" tab") just a little it will start to function properly. Then when you go to tighten things back down hold the airbrush so that it is pointing down. With the trigger all the way forward and the back guard ("little "S" tab") is setting loosely against the trigger. Then tighten the spring guide but not too tight. Keep feeling the movement of the trigger until you have the amount spring pressure you want. Then set the needle and tighten the needle chuck but again not too tight. It should work until you take it apart again hopefully. I think one of the reasons for the "little "S" tab" getting stuck like that is the spring guide is too tight and putting a bind on the back guard ("little "S" tab").
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Also if you adjust your spring tension out, and your needle is locked to the needle tube, the needle drags back with it. Which will cause your airbrush to spray all the time. Every time you adjust he spring you will want to re-seat the needle gently into the nozzle then lock it down.
I have an eagle talon, and when you put it back together you have to make sure the back guard is placed with the longest side upwards (see picture)


If that is ok, make sure the spring which pushes forward on the back guard is not missing, that your needle is free to move (it is not jammed up in paint). That's all I can think of for now. Hope it helps. :)
i own a talon and never had any of those a matter of fact the poor thing has really suffered with me.i agree with white knight,some mistake a the moment of reassembling.but also it can be that you tighten too much and the spring is trapped.but also it can be that you CLEANED everything,that is abig nono,because the airbrushes come with lubricant and if you completely clean it you end up with problems like yours or similar!!!you should try using glicerine in the spring, the s shaped piece and the rest of the gun,this is certainly help in your problem!!!

hope this helps!!!:angel:
Thanks everyone! I fiddled around with it with your advice in mind and I have figured out the airbrush issue! (just a matter of the proper balance of tightened parts vs. needle!)

Thank you!!
I wonder ulltraz, just how old is your Talon? I'm thinking that maybe the newer Paasche's may be a lower quality.
th S part is what holds the needle and its pushed back by the trigger the spring pushes that forward ( towards the tip ) the back part that goes over and screws in the body of the AB is the backstop to the spring if its not screwed in properly your trigger may be slack the S holding the needle also means the needle needs to be ajusted accordignly . works the same way a iwata works what i do is i thignten the backstop first , then pull the trigger slightly (not even 1/32 of a inch)then push the needle in gently no pressure here just make shure its fully in . then tighten the needle and release the trigger this should make shure you dont have stray paint and still not have any play . also make shure the spring is actually working proprelly .

like you said its all a balancing act of adjusting everything . the more the backstop is screwed in the more pressure the needle has to move forward but also more pressure is needed to move it back .