It came, it came!!!!


Needle-chuck Ninja
Well here she is my Sil-Air 50-24. I will do a full video review in the next few days, but for now here are some pics of the unboxing.


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Well just finished up a couple of hours and wow. She barely ever kicks on and when she does like they said it's no louder then a fridge. You really don't even notice it. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on these silent compressors and they really don't do it justice to how quiet they really are. I am really surprised at how much a difference going from a 1.6 gal tank to a 6 gal tank makes. Not only is she working less but the drop on the regulator is less as well.
Makes sense, bigger tank, smaller drag - less on time and cheaper to run!
Win /win in my book!
If'n its as quiet as a fridge as well, you have a winner!