It pays off to check for bargins on the net !



Just want to let you all know that a good airbrush does not have to cost you a fortune.
Yesterday for example, i was looking myself also again and i found an add from someone
who wanted to sell an Infinity 2 in 1 for 200 Euro's, but there was also an mentioning of an
Grafo T1 brush in the same add. So i put an offer for 125 Euro down.
A bit later i receive an email that the bid was accepted for "him" as she mentioned it.
So from what i made out from that return email that it was only about 1 brush instead
of both brushes. So i mailed her back again to inform if i misunderstood the add and saying i figured
it was for both brushes. Waited a bit and soon i got a reply again, this time saying that for 150 Euro
plus mailing costs i can have them both ( comes down to about $205,-) . Which i did not have to think over too long.
So by tomorrow once again i got my 3rd Infinity + Grafo T1 for a little over $200,-.

Just meaning to say that if you keep your eyes open and respond fast enough you can find some nice deals !
I also buyign these second hands.
I've gotten for 100$ last time: a set of vallejo paint, a compressor, a badger patriot, a harder and steenbeck evolution, a devillbis aerograph sprite and a couple of books :).

And i just bought a holbein Y-3 for 20$ :), i love the internet !