I've been reading this forum on and off for the last 4 days.


Double Actioner
I wanted to know or rather get a feel of what to expect . So far I mainly focused on the posts dealing with Badger and Paasche airbrushes . I have to say I have never run across any of the issues moat have as far as faulty Paasche VL even the newer models or with Badger . I fell the newer head design Paasche has now and newer tigger are far better than the older style . I had an older model and it worked but was not as well made so sure one can get a unit that may not be what you hoped it would be. I don't like shoddy fit and finish.

I Had an Iwata single action bottom feed and it was very well made got it about 2000. But it for me was not as good as a Badger . I sold it.

I've been through a few airbrushes to try what I felt may work for me and always went back to Badger or Paasche. I was going to get a Paasche talon bottom feed but read many have issues and beside this I already have 5 dual action brushes so why waste money when I need to learn how to use one first .

I don't have money to burn not being 74. I may never learn but that's fine , I have them and they are nice to have and who doesn't like how airbrushes look.
I posted in the welcome forum about what I do and what I've owned . I feel I should have posted about my airbrushes here instead . I can't move it so if it needs to be fine by me.
like many things in life there isn't a 'one size fits all' airbrush, sometimes you need to try a few to find what suits your hands best. Glad you're not having issues with them that many seem to have, although it does seem that the older Paasche brushes are better than the newer ones, so hang on to what you have :)
get your favourite brush and learn its little nuances and you will be happier. find out which paint it likes, what sort of psi and reduction brings out the best in you and your brush, once you have it dialled in then its all down to your creative brain to do the rest :)
any and all brushes will "feel" odd until you use it. I generally paint with my Badger but I LOVE my Iwatas too. I Just sort of grab the Badger out of habit..

regardless, I guess what I am trying to say is just put paint into one of the brushes and start spraying. If you are looking for some more formal training I can give you some suggestions but I wont unless prompted to do so.