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Ok, I have Neo and Iwata hose and I'm about to pull the trigger on a Krome. My question is getting the badger product to connect to the hose with QD on both. the Iwata is a no brainer, but will a badger male connector mate with an Iwata qd? (did any of that make sense?)
I think you can get an adapter, but not too sure. I'm sure some one can hook you up with a more definite answer though. In the meantime look on suppliers websites for QD's and adapters. I'm pretty sure I've seen something along those lines before. Although I also talk crap, so I can't be trusted LOL.
If you have a badger male qd nipple it will pop right into the female qd on your hose. The only difference is the the threaded ends.

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Like said before, you can use the adapter supplied with the Krome and use it with all Iwata fittings or get a separate male piece with Badger thread and just simply plug it into the quick coupling.
Hey thanks for the Thanks for the info...it is exactly what I was needing. Going to order today, and didnt want to be missing something I needed:stung:
Thanks for all the help. Just came now I'm going to dissappear for about a week or so.


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