Iwata eclipse Cs and Iwata hpsb gravity feed



Not sure where to start. I know that the hpsb is a detail brush.I just don't know where and when to use it.I use the eclipse Cs the most.I can do thin lines with the both of them.People that have sb.What do you use the sb for? I have a rack of 10 eclipse bottle feed that I use for shirts.Some times I feel its easier to use the gravity.Just trying to find out what people do.Ideas will help.Thanks Todd
I think it's down to personal preference, and how comfortable you are holding a particular brush. I personally don't like side buckets or siphon fed for that reason, I just don't feel comfy. I think people who do lots of colour changes and use larger amounts of paint prefer them, although when I see T'shirt guys, they seem to have a separate brush for each colour (do NOT fancy cleaning all those out Lol), so I guess it depends on what kind of airbrushing you do too.
I have an HP-CS. Reviews say you can get hair lines with it. I can't seem to get a line thinner than a 1/16" (3.175mm?) without getting a centipede effect. Then again, I've only had an airbrush for two weeks.
I have that brush and love it. It can do amazing detail and fine lines. Give it some time to get the feel of it, and to find your perfect paint mix and air pressure, and you will be surprised. The wide line and centipedes you are getting could be down to some clogging in the nozzle. It's a tricksy little beggar that can look clean, but hide more paint in there than you might think.