Iwata eclipse issue, spraying paint with trigger off



Hi there friends. I have a big problem.
Today, When i picked up my airbrush and start working i noticed that when I release the paint trigger and just press for air(not for paint too), my airbrush still sprays paint.
I tried to screw better the needle locker, it stops for a while and after few spays the ink comes again when the trigger is off.
I was so pissed off that i have ruined my work so I took it apart and cleaned it.
Still nothing, I have changed the needle , runs nice for a while and then sprays ink again.

Is there any problem with my brush??

please help.
It could be due to the needle binding in the needle seal. When you remove the needle does it feel tight? There should be just a little drag. If it feels tight, there may be paint build up in the seal, or it may just need to be adjusted.

You could have a dirty nozzle, which is not letting your needle seat properly. Nozzles are tricksy little buggers, even when you think you have them squeaky clean, paint can still be hiding in them.