iwata eclipse



I just received my eeclipse friday. Is there supposed to be paint all the way back the needle? I know dumb question.....!
First where did you order it from?
Next they do test the airbrushes (not all but some in each batch) which means they do not get the proper cleaning it is suppose to have.
It is com-art paint (Iwata brand) and should clean out with some Restorer (made by Createx) Or just some Alcohol and water mixed to help break down the dried paint.
Are you having paint flowing right back into the body of your airbrush?
If so, the needle seal may be damaged.
Check out the breakdown for the model on their website.
It'll give you the part # you need to tell them what's wrong with it.
Should not be like that out of the box, they're generally much better than that.
Only hassle I've had was when I recently had a clumsy attack and dropped it on the floor and bent up the needle - real bad!
Replaced it, checked out the nozzle under heavy magnifier and now all's good to go!
It may be you just need to give the needle packing screw a little tighten. (Unusual whn new but things happen) Take a long narrow screwdriver, remove your needle and trigger etc from the body of the brush, and look down it towards the nozzle. You should see a slot for the screwdriver. Even a quarter turn might do it, it shouldn't take much, and it should tighten the seal to stop paint getting back there if that is the problem. When you reassemble the brush and put the needle back in you should feel some resistance as you push it through, but not enough to stop it moving smoothly with the trigger.