Iwata HP-BC



Good news..

i managed to pick up an Iwata HP-BC (bottom feed) airbrush second hand for a decent price!
It arrived today so just got to give it a clean later and hopefully all will be working fine and dandy!

I gave it a quick test and air seems to flow through it ok :)

I already noticed the quality of the trigger compared to the cheaper brands and also my Neo for Iwata.

Cant wait to get painting!!!

Just thought id share that :)



Air-Valve Autobot!
Great, something else for you to make me look bad with, lol!! Congrats, cant wait to see how it works out for you!

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Sheriff Woody (Admington)
Nice one Snoopy, just in time for you to get used to it before you paint my eye picture for the comp for me...oh did i just type that aloud!!!:)

I got the HP-C+ and noticed the trigger was lush, you will have some fun with that mate, and no doubt blow us away with some more awsome pics....now about that eye pic...how much..:)


Air-Valve Autobot!
Its always fun getting a new gun and swearing at it all day till ya figure the bugger out LOL..Hope you enjoy m8...