Iwata HP-BCS Beginner question



Is there a way to get the paint to start flowing sooner when you pull the trigger back? When trying to do small things I depress for air and slowly begin to pull back, but it seems like it takes to far for the paint to start flowing and I end up with a blob. I've tried different air pressures and paint to reducer ratios.

Thank You in advance, Jason
I'm not real familiar with bottom feeds, but I'm pretty sure there is a lag between the trigger and paint. But at the same time it sounds as if you have a clog in the nozzle. Maybe not a full clog but a small piece of paint stuck to the inner wall of it, restricting the paint flow. Take the nozzle out and use a paintbrush with cleaner on it and it should clean it right out. Just make sure it's a small liner brush that will just fit through the nozzle, but not big enough that it would glare out the nozzle.
Hope this helps

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Thank You, I will try that. After doing some more research, I wish that I had bought the gravity feed.
You may also want to reduce the paint , maybe start 2 parts reducer 1 part paint, sounds like you may be having issues with the heavier paint needing the needle open more to flow.
I second the advice on the reduction. I used a bottom feed Paasche VL for a long time before adding gravity fed brushes to my collection and I never noticed a huge difference. The paint that is coming out of the nozzle is already inside the airbrush body, so it really shouldn't take any longer to get it to flow. I can get the same problems with my badger Krome, and it always comes down to my paint not being reduced enough, tip dry, or a dirty nozzle.

You might want to try shooting some food coloring through it and see what it does. If you're getting the same problems with straight liquid food coloring, then I would say its a dirty nozzle.

Keep experimenting. I'm sure you'll find the sweet spot.
Thank you all for the advice, I tried all suggestions and adjusted the needle back a little bit and it is working much better now. AND, I have realized that there is a huge difference in the quality of paints that you can use.
When you ask questions like this, try to give as much info as possible. Paint brand and line, air pressure, reduction ratio. It will give us insights to what might cause your issues. You may have done that here and I either missed it or son't remember. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

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