IWATA Hp-bcs working like single action airbrush.



First of all i would like to say hello to everybody.
I have a problem with my airbrush. When im pushing the trigger for air the paint is going out also. I did remove the paintbottle tryied to spray all the paint inside the brush and after this again installed the paintbottle- after 2sec's i again noticed that its not working like dual action should work. Any suggestions?:)

Sorry for my pretty bad english. I can make a video about my issue if that could help You understand my problem ;)
Hello and welcome to the forum :)

It could be several problems that can cause this problem. First it could be that the nozzle is dirty inside and the needle is not sitting correctly in the nozzle.
Then it happens that paint comes out already when you push for air. Or it could be also a damaged nozzle on the front too. You should remove the nozzle
and look at it with a magnifying glass, and check if it has any cracks on the front. Also hold it against the light and check from the back if there is dry paint
inside of the nozzle. If it looks dirty give it a good clean. Best is to lay it in a cleaner for a bit so the paint is getting lose, then you can use your needle
and push the paint out. But you have to be very gentle and carefull doing this to not damage the needle or the nozzle. Some people also use a wooden
tooth pick and make it smaller with a knife so it fits in the nozzle to clean it out.
Hope this helps you, and your english is fine :)
Everything that Stranger375 said, plus even if your nozzle isn't cracked or split, it could be flared at the tip, which means the needle isn't fitting properly and can allow paint through. Hope you get it sorted mate!
Unscrew your handle, loosen the needle chuck and
Make sure ur needle is pushed all the way to the front. If problem persists its most likely binder/ pigment or a piece of junk in ur tip. If u can, pull it all apart and work the tip of your needle gently against the inside of the tip to loosen and force out any junk.