iwata hp bp



my new brush arrived today. steve from airbrush megastore sorted me out. 20 bucks cheaper than coast airbrush and no 3 week wait. I gave it a quick lube and away it went. It came with a test piece from the factory. so i knew it would work. The bp denotes cup size, it is about half the size of my other brushes,and has no lid. it is a .2 set up. About the only thing that i will struggle with is the tiny little tip when cleaning. I have a tallon and they have a large tip piece. I have been very happy with the tallon, but split the fine tip. i will still use it with the .38 set up for alot of things.
Nice one mate, it's always good to get new toys:)
I have an HP-c+ and the tip is very small on that and it's very easy to lose if you are not careful..defo don't clean over a sink!!!
Have fun
i always put the plug in. at fity bucks a throw. i,m a bit worried. especially with my hands the way they are. I can't get over how simalar it is to my knock off. in looks anyway. the moisture trap makes it nice to hold to.