Iwata HP-CS Vs. HP-CH for modeling (Gunpla)



Hello. I'm looking to get into modeling and I wanted advice on which airbrush would be better for me. I've decided to go with either the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS or the Hi-Line HP-CH. Please help me decide if you've had experience with either. Thanks :)
Eclipse because parts are cheaper then Hi-line and it is easier to clean the nozzle. But you can look at a Badger Krome as well. You will then get two different setups in one box.
What makes the Hi-Line a better airbrush than the Eclipse and how does it relate to modeling?
I would not say better. The Hi-lines have the mac valves and the needle stop at the back. The nozzle screws in whereas the Eclipses is floating. Hi-line is overkill for modeling as you will not push the gun to what it was intended for.
Awesome, thanks for clearing that up. What about compressors? Which compressor do you recommend?
Kind of depends on the size of the models you are painting, and whether noise is an issue. But as a rule, you need something with a storage tank so that it doesn't pulse the air, and also doesn't need to run constantly. The bigger the tank, the less often it needs to fill, so if you had a noisy compressor, but the tank was large enough not to need to refill, for the duration you need to paint, than it may not be an issue. One that takes oil is better too, otherwise it will over heat after being used for a surprisingly short time. You could get one really reasonably priced from any tool store. If noise, and size is an issue, you may want to go for the whisper style, if you want a small tank because of storage space, it will kick in more often, but as it's quiet (but not silent), it doesn't matter so much, but these are very pricey.
Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the HP-CH VS HP-CS for strictly modeling? No disrespect Andre, I just like to be reassured :)