Iwata HP-HC liquid bubbling around nozzle cap


mike lipton

Hi guys. Newbie alert! I have been using a badger 150 since the year dot. I use it mainly for black and white stencil work, so it did the job. However as I’m taking my art work forward, I decided to spring for a new Iwata HP-CH (currently running through 22 Psi). It’s such a different, more complex tool, so did as much research as possible. I have only used it a couple of times but when I was cleaning it (I had accidently gotten a bit of paint on the front from my finger and used a little liquid soap) I noticed that when I put my finger over the front to back flush (with cleaning solution), some of the residue from the liquid soap was bubbling around the needle and nozzle cap. Just wondering if this kind of leak is normal for a brand new Iwata? After reading some stuff on this forum, I believe a little beeswax is a possible solution to the problem. My concern is that wear and tear is one thing but on something brand new…. Well let’s just say, those little parts are expensive and if it’s a defect then I can act on it. Thanks for taking the time to read and I just want to say what an awesome place this is :)
Hi mike
This is common on a lot of AB's an wont affect performance so its nothing to worry about, my Neo and Micron both do it, you can use bees wax or chap stick but i font worry about it so font use anything
Thanks for sharing the knowledge Matty. That's really put my mind at ease.
Its perfectly normal, but to lessen it some, I am sure when you had some pain ton your finger you have pushed a little of it into the space between the nozzle and nozzle cap, I would remove the nozzle cap and give it good clean from the inside and check that there is no paint around the outside of the nozzle, otherwise clean that too, (very carefully of course) as Matty says, it won't really affect performance, all your parts on the front end and indeed the back end are generally finger tight and basically if the air cant get out it has go somewhere and that will usually be the sides of the cap:)

Some people back flush to mix their paint after throwing reducer and paint into the cup, I never do this because there is always a risk that you can force paint into that little ringed space causing the problem you mention or even a strange spray pattern, I mix my paints/reducers out of the brush and add them when mixed, I only ever back flush when cleaning to dislodge congealed paint form behind the nozzle.

Since your here why not pop over to the Introduction section and tell us a little about yourself?, tell us what equipment you have, what you like to paint and roughly where you are so that any help you get in the future will specific to needs and location.
Thanks for the advice and taking time to respond Madbrush. Some very interesting pointers I will be sure to follow for future use.

I may just drop by the introduction section :)